Advice please: WC Papillon (and all Pap owners)


May 8, 2006
OK, so I :heart::heart::heart: the WC/ Aquarelle print. I have the bandeau and I just love to stare at it. So I am waitlisted for the speedy BUT I don't think I will take it because I am too afraid of the white lining. (I am a total slob, it will be gross in 3 minutes). soooooo

My SA got me a WC Pap. It is lovely. I mean beyond beautiful BUT...when actually carrying feels odd. I feel like it turns in a weird direction when I put it on my arm at the elbow and the only way I can't put it on my shoulder is with it sticking straight up and down...

Do Paps 'loosen up'??? I saw a girl today whose arms were waaaay bigger than mine and she had an older Pap (really dark leather) and she had it over the the straps 'give' over time??? How do you carry the Pap? Will I get used to it? Or should I just :crybaby:pass on the WC lina altogether????? HELP!!!!!!


Birkin or Bust!
May 10, 2006
I know what your talking about, I've seen that on several girls haha. I think its really chic when girls use the Pap, as a top handle, on the crook of an arm kinda bag.. you know what I mean?

I love the WC Papillon!


loves pink!!!
Jan 26, 2007
^Good luck with your decision! I impulsively purchased the WC papillon because I couldn't resist the colours and the way they popped on the dark canvas. The papillon is quite cute carried over the shoulder if you flip one strap over the other so that it becomes a single strap (am I making any sense here?) Otherwise yes, it fits over the shoulder but the underneath part of the arm will squish the papillon, regardless of whether your arms are big or tiny.