Advice please: Small caviar double flap 2019 or vintage?

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Which bag

  1. 2019 caviar small double flap -2k

  2. Vintage timeless lambskin - 2.5k

  1. Hi all, I’m looking to buy my first Chanel bag, after so long of deliberating! I thought vintage originally but I think I actually prefer the less bright gold hardware on the newer models (although I’m worried about the quality aspect). I’m able to get:
    1. A 2019 small caviar double flap for £2000. Condition like new (think originally was around £4K in 2019. OR
    2. A vintage timeless/Classique (but lambskin) for around £2500. Condition very good - good but vintage.

    I think I’ve wanted caviar because of the durability aspect and not worrying about it (have a toddler!) and I’m leaning towards 1 but also would like to consider value and resale value should I ever need to. What will hold value better? And what about the quality of newer Chanel vs vintage?! I am a bit unsure :/

    Any opinions and advice really welcomed! Thank you in advance from a Chanel amateur xxx
  2. 2019!! I prefer the look of the newer ones. Caviar is also really durable for when you are with baby haha
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  3. Thank you, I’m inclined to agree!!
  4. I wanted to add also - the 2019 bag was bought from the ave Montaigne Paris store in sept 19 but the auth card starts 20?? Is this normal??
  5. That would make me pause and question its authenticity (especially because the price also seems way to good considering a small sized classic flap is pretty sought after). I have bought Chanel classics from the store where the auth card date is about a year or two old (so the bag has been sitting in the store and not being sold for about that long which is understandable) but in the case of the bag you are looking at, that would make the bag 4-5 years old when it was sold and that just seems way too long for a bag to be sitting in the store not being sold. Have you had the bag authenticated? Is it being sold by a reputable seller?
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  6. Thank you! I thought this too, is it too good to be true? The bag is actually on sale for more but the seller has agreed to sell for less if I pay directly, but of course I won’t pay cash. I’ll pay by PayPal even if I inspect the bag myself first. I am concerned about the date of the bag, why would the store hold a bag 4 years older? Can this be possible? I’m waiting for more pics which I’ll post to authenticate or use authenticate 4 U. Once I have them I will question the discrepancy with the bag date! So far the bag seems legit, but as I say I’m an amateur Chanel buyer! I’ll post some pics. Thank you, such a helpful forum! X
  7. I agree. You need to check the authenticity asap. The price seems too good to be true.
  8. Here are the pics I have so far...

    Attached Files:

  9. I agree that this is too good to be true. I don't think anyone would ever sell a classic flap for £2,000 that is 6 months old if it was authentic. The current retail price is £4,080 so 50% off is definitely too good of a deal. For a bag that new in brand new condition should be selling for upwards of £3,000 minimum, especially black caviar with GHW. The card not matching with the date the of the receipt is also a major red flag.
  10. I had my doubts, but I thought it looked genuine from the pics.. I'll await the extra pictures, I've asked for everything! I don't mind if it's 4/5 years old for that price, I just want it to be authentic! It's so frustrating there are so many fakes circulating! Thank you all for your opinions, so helpful! I would welcome what the views on the pics I've posted are? x
  11. There is an authenticity thread on tpf that can help you with that!
  12. Thank you! Can anyone please recommend online authentication services too? Someone told me authenticate 4U isn’t reliable? I was given this by a seller but I don’t know if this is legit either?!
  13. I've never heard of A4U being unreliable when it comes to accuracy. There have been issues with response time/communication however they tend to respond very quickly when contacted through their facebook page.

    As for that other site you asked about, I (personally) question a site that has an anonymous registration.