Advice please...should I risk to become a NPB ?

  1. Here is the story and I would appreciate your input.

    I won a Burberry scarf on eBay. Prior to bidding I have asked the girls over at the Burberry board and the scarf seemed to be authentic. The seller (of course) told me that the scarf is authentic and if there is a problem I can return it if the labels are intact.
    Today, after the bidding ended another tPF member who was a bidder on the same scarf but with a lower bid received a 2nd offer for the same scarf/seller.
    She was nice enought to post about it on the Bbrry board - lucky me I checked before since I was ready to pay for the scarf.

    Now I"m scared and I don't know if I should risk to become a NPB or to be out of $$.
    Thanks for any ideas :confused1:
  2. Was it a common scarf? Maybe she did actually have two of them. If she's a professional reseller this may be the case. I've bid on designer items and gotten a second chance offer from the seller saying "I have another" and everything turned out ok, but then again, I was familiar with the seller.
  3. Thanks for your reply - yeah I know...but he's not a professional seller (my bad I trust people to easy )
    It's the classic Nova beige scarf and actually I see that he"s already having a 2nd one to sell. MAybe I"m to scared with all those horror stories but I kind of have THAT gut feeling...:crybaby:
  4. if your feedback is important to you, i would just pay for it. you can always get it authenticated and then file a significantly not as described. or maybe you could just tell tell the seller exactly how you are feeling, that you are wary and that you don't want to get ripped off. how's his feedback by the way?

    also, just because he's not a professional reseller doesn't mean he couldn't have two of the same item. sometimes i see stuff marked down really low at loehmann's or tj maxx or whereever and i will buy more than one item to sell on eBay, even though i'm not a professional reseller.
  5. hmm, that's tricky. Did the listing at all mention that he might have two of the same scarf? Honestly, if it was a lot of money, I would file a report before paying...good luck!
  6. Thanks so much everybody - I've contacted the seller and I asked ( yet again) if the scarfs is authentic. And yes, feedback is important for me but sincerely, I prefer to be a NPB (for a fake item) instead of being out $170. The seller only has 5 feedbacks (all as a buyer). Tricky indeed :confused1:.I'll just wait and see...
  7. I agree with you. You should just tell the seller you have been worried by the fact that two items have been made available and see what he says. Perhaps he will offer to sell to another bidder. There is no point in buying if you are not happy with the sale. See what he says
  8. If you're not sure and don't want to risk it, maybe you could just apologise and offer to pay the seller a few dollars to cover their eBay expenses, final value fees etc? Most reasonable people I'm sure wouldn't have a problem with that.....?
  9. Is she sure the second chance offer wasn't a phishing scam? That happens so often now it's not even funny. Make sure it was the original seller that made the offer.
  10. Well, I've contated the seller (I did not mention the 2nd offer) ans he said that he,s having a few scarfs all new and authentic (I know there is an BB outlet in US not far from Toronto - so I would like to think that maybe he did a little trip over there)
    Anyways - I just paid and I'll see when the scarf comes. I'll keep you informed .Thanks for all the replays.