Advice please! Should I keep these shoes?

  1. The Saks SA in SD found me these lovely Chanel shoes. I'd gotten the wedge slide but couldn't walk in them, and these feel more secure with the T/ankle strap...but can I justify the $635 price tag? Do you think I can wear them with lots of things (I live in LA)? Should I keep them or take them back? :shrugs:



  2. They are not my style, bu I do know that wedges are in for summer, however for that amount of money I would buy a classic pair of Chanel shoes. They look really good on you, keep them only if you LOVE them, if unsure don't waste your money on shoes that you will hardly wear x
  3. ^^you sound like the good angel sitting on my left shoulder, while the devil sitting on the other shoulder is swooning over the quilted heels and the peep toes....sigh...but I hear you...seems like a crazy price for a pair of shoes with cork (!) heels! My mom thinks I'm nuts but she said the same thing...keep them only if I will wear them A LOT. I just don't know if these shoes go with a lot of things or not.
  4. I think they look really cute on you, but it IS a ton of $$ so I would make sure I could wear them a ton.
  5. try them with some outfits and if they go with them and are comfy then ou will have ur answer!
  6. It's sounds like you are unsure of the shoes. They look great on you but you have to love them. I can understand your concern on the cork but I think it would all come down to how much you really want to keep them.
  7. I'm not swooning but that's just me.
  8. You all are so good! You picked up on my hesitation from the guilt. The shoes are very cute in person but geez...that amount should go toward a bag, right...since it would get more mileage in the end?
  9. They're really not my style, I like the other one more. If you're really not sure about keeping them then I'd say you probably don't love them so I say return. You can get a bag instead ;)
  10. I personally would prefer to spend on a classic pair of Chanel shoes. Oh well, I think you should keep them if you love them. They look cute on you !! :smile:
  11. For the price that you are paying, you should feel comfortable in these shoes, otherwise it's not worth keeping.:hrmm:
  12. I actually think they're gorgeous :yes: I'm in LA too and you could definitely wear them quite a bit! But if you don't LOVE them...

    PS - your nail polish is lovely!!
  13. I personally think these shoes look fab on you and that they can match a lot of outfits since the black and the cork are neutrals.

    Saying that tho - for the price and your hesitation over the price - they'd only be justifiable if you wear them a lot (I use the "price per wear" justification a LOT.. lol) Perhaps another thing to consider is whether getting in and out of them and doing up the ankle strap each time would deter you from reaching for them daily or a lot? I know I'm lazy so I'll often reach for pumps or any other heels that I can just slide into.

    Good luck with your decision! I agree with butterfliie - gorgeous nail colour!
  14. I think they are cute, but I never spent that much for a pair of shoes either. If you really really love them or think you'll regret it if you return them...then keep it!

    I think it's perfect if you live in LA, b/c of all the sunny weather down there. Wedges are always in style in the summer (or at least have been the last few years and this year as well). So, you definitely can get mileage out of them. They'll look cute with shorts and skirts and the new wide leg jeans!
  15. They look gorgeous and they look absolutely fabulous on you!
    But besides the quilted cork heels and black patent, nothing else screams really Chanel to me, KWIM?
    For the price that you are paying I would like it to be more Chanel for my money.