advice please? serves me right for reading this forum...

  1. i've been lurking for a while now and after obsessively checking the boards, reading atelier.naff, trawling eBay, and just living vicariously through all you ladies, i'm finally going to buy my first bbag!!! the bf thinks i'm nuts but... well... not his money, not his decision! :p

    i already have a black bag, a school bag, neutral big bag, etc. i want to get a balenciaga that's bright and beautiful... half the fun is the gorgeous colors. i went in to balNY during 06, and i'm hopeful that the 07 leather is smooshier and softer and thicker than what i saw last year... i dont want to buy off eBay (too stressful and too easy to get gipped!!) so i'm looking to buy new. i'm hoping to get a rouge, or water green (the seafoam look alike) or maaaaybe natural or truffle.

    so here's my predicament. i'm looking to get a box, but i've read here and heard from balny that the boxes are discontinued. do you know when the last season was that they were made? i know balny has several truffle boxes left (not sure what other colors), but does that mean they have pre-spring 07 boxes as the last shipment, or do they have SS 07 (i'm going by the swatches on atelier.naff)? do you think i should get a box, which is the size and shape that i really love but probably won't get in a fantastic color... or do i get a city/twiggy in a color that i LOVE?

    or am i totally jumping the gun because rouge is already gone everywhere? :wtf: do rouge boxes even EXIST?

    sorry for asking so many questions, but you ladies (and gents) have been more help than you know!! thanks in advance.

    and btw.... this will be the first bbag, but there will DEFEINTELY be more to come. i was supposed to wait until my birthday to treat myself, but march is too far away!!! and the boxes may all be gone by then.... :hysteric:
  2. The 07 season won't have any boxes, so you'll have to go for 06 or earlier. A gorgeous rouge vif box sold on eBay yesterday, so they are out there! Happy hunting!
  3. darnation! so i'm going to have to go with a city/twiggy then? i REALLY love the rouge box but i honestly can't stomach going through ebay... i've had too many bad experiences and i don't have much faith in it anymore.

    i guess it might come down to: get a truffle box (which i KNOW balNY still has... as of last week at least...) or a bright and spunky city/twiggy?

    have you bought a bbag sight unseen from a store in another area before? what kinds of questions did you ask the SA to make sure that you were getting what you wanted? if i ask for a non-veiny, thick leather bag will they know what i'm talking about or think i'm nuts?
  4. I bought a black box from DAPHNE at BalNYC. Ask for her. She has great taste for excellent leather. I have bought all my bbags sight unseen on eBay and from BalNYC. Of all my eBay bags I was only satisfied with one of five. So for your first purchase, I would buy from the store or go somewhere in person.

    I HIGHLY suggest the box. It is a good size for everyday needs and good size for petite girls. I fell it's like a narrower twiggy but a shorter minibowling. It's so adorable!!!!
  5. thanks so much for your SA rec! i was going to ask that next... since i'm a newbie, i dont want to annoy the wrong person when i call/visit. :shame:

    i feel the same way about the box! i saw a girl with an eggplant box on the street by my office and i think i stared =X

    now that i am so in love with bbags, they seem to taunt me! i see them and notice them EVERYWHERE now! haha
  6. amyxshi, start calling around to the stores that carry B-bags, and see if any of them have a box in stock. The last stock list I got from Aloha Rag had a rouge vif box - they also had a rouille - so maybe start with them. You can get just about any store to do a charge-send, and if it's an authorized retailer, you don't have to worry about eBay-type issues. (But check their return policy before you order in case you're not happy with the bag you receive.) And if that fails, then start watching eBay and post any bags you're interested in in the Authenticate thread - it really is still possible to get authentic bags on eBay.
  7. hi louiseypeasey,

    i have the url of the atelier.naff page that lists all the stores and their numbers... i'll start calling tomorrow after work (if i can wait that long... hehe).

    is a charge-send just when you buy over the phone and they send it out to you?

    i check the authenticate thread, but i feel kinda bad bidding on a bag that someone else spotted... is that silly? sigh, i think ebay is really going to have to be a LAST resort for me though, i hope it doesn't come to it but i've just had such bad experiences and i think i would CRY if i spent my hard-earned money on a FAKE bag!
  8. Good luck, Amy! Let us know where you find your first balenciaga. Rouge Vif Box sounds amazing! Have you seen this thread of eye candy? ROUGE VIF photo thread!