Advice Please: Selling Designer Bags on Craigslist?

  1. Has anyone done this successfully? I know there isn't as much traffic as with eBay, but after some possible fraud activity, I shut down my paypal and am apprehensive to get a new one. And I don't want to deal with shipping and listing costs either. I'd like to just do a face to face sale in my area.

    I am seeking to sell a brand new with tags LAMB bag for retail price + tax to break even. I've lost the receipt and anyway, I think it might have been expired for returns anyway. And I would rather someone who really wants it have it anyway. But I am scared of people possibly writing bad checks, or other fraud, so I was thinking of asking for cash only upon meeting. Does this lower my chances of getting this sold? Any other general advice you have for me would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Heh good luck! Once, I listed an MBMJ bag and had like two responses, one of which wanted me to sell the bag for pennies on the dollar. I dont mean to dissuade you but I know for myself, I have not had good experiences on craigslist.

  3. I have tried to sell some things on Craigslist and had no luck whatsoever. Meanwhile items of the same sort were selling briskly on eBay.

    I did buy a designer purse on Craigslist once. I got to the listing via Google but I doubt other shoppers would be so resourceful. The seller had a Paypal account so I felt more secure buying from her than if I had just sent her a check.
  4. Yeah , I hear ya. Thats why I want to do a local meeting..
  5. Face to face can be bad. Ebayers have had horrible experiences with wacko buyers. Other way around too.There was a thread here about somebody buying a bag and the seller sweet talked her and left before she looked at the bag and it turned out to be FAKE! Scammers were around before the internet!
    I love CL for big stuff and have bought and sold a little there but for something that can be shipped I would still use eBay.
  6. I would suggest you can try craigslist since it's not going to cost you anything but nothing really beats eBay.
  7. Tangerine I've been thinking of doing the same thing, I have 2 gucci bags I would like to sell. Like you I thought of a face to face and taking cash only but then I've heard of constant no shows and just feeling uncomfortable once they met up with the person - some even feeling unsafe so I am not sure what to do.
  8. I bought Prada (authentic, WT and all) from seller on CL and it was easy and smooth, however I did email/talk with the seller back and forth, so both me and her were comfortable with the transaction before it took place, I'm very happy with the process
  9. I sold a Juicy Couture on Craigslist but made sure the buyer knew it would be a cash deal, no negotiating a lower price at the meeting, and to be safe did the transaction in a nice crowded mall parking lot and brought my husband with me. Do not meet anyone alone please!
  10. Thanks for the advice. I guess I have nothing to lose to try and make a posting, and see what happens. I will keep everything in mind.
  11. Unless it's a hard to find item (but I doubt someone looking for a specific bag would check craigslist) I doubt selling it at retail will be successful. I hope it goes well & good luck