advice please regarding lilac alexandra

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  1. Hi everyone, I love this bag and I wanted it forever. I love the color and the silver accents and the way it looks. However, I don't love the fact that it has peeled a bit in spots.
    I was granted a PCE exception, as I was not on the list and I used a 100 dollar gift card from Coach. I also used a Visa gift card that I got as a work incentive. So the bag cost me less than the $498 MSRP. It cost me $188 out of my own pocket and about $300 if you count the Visa gift card I used. I was just chatting with my SA and she said that if I come in with the original receipt and it appears to be a manufacturer defect, then I can get a full refund. Sigh.
    What do you do in these cases when you love the bag? How much do you accept before you return it? I love the bag and I know that all leather scratches or wears eventually. It isn't that bad, it's just a bit annoying and I am guessing it is somewhat normal with the embossed croc. They don't have any left to exchange it for me, so I would probably get a refund.
    Would you keep it and love it anyway?
  2. If it is already starting to peel I would get a refund. I would be so afraid it would start to peel more.
  3. Mandyfin, it's hard to say without seeing it......any chance you can post some pictures?
  4. I've heard the same for the croc embossed Alexandra that the cracking/crackled look is normal. But it's not true for all the other croc embossed lines. The embossed croc Alexandra has a clear coat that makes it shiny and is prone to crack. Some SA's say that it part of the way it's suppose to look. It's a stunning bag. If it bothers you, I'd return it. If you love it, I'd say keep it. All in all in the's you that will be carrying around this lovely bag. So, honestly you'll have to ask yourself the question "How much do you really love this bag?"
  5. And if you'll not be able to stop thinking about the peeling then the bag will honestly drive you crazy. If you can make peace with it and not worry about it...then by all means keep the bag if you love it.
  6. I went back today and they found me a new bag at Jax and ordered it, they will exchange for me! Said my bag was defective.
  7. Great! Glad it worked out for you!