Advice please - re: non-paying bidder

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm relatively new to selling on eBay and I had a zero feedback bidder win an auction on my used Coach bag (and it was labeled as such)! This was last Saturday (a week ago) - I sent the bidder an invoice and two emails and never heard back. In my last email, I warned the buyer that I'd be filing a dispute today if I did not hear back.

    So he/she replies to me this morning saying that he or she had emailed me to ask if the bag was new or used and that he/she was new and did not want to purchase a used bag.

    Firstly, I never received any questions on this item so I know they did not send me an email prior to this one. Secondly, my auction clearly stated that the bag was used!

    What should I do? This person did bid on my item, so they are required to pay. Should I continue with my NPB claim?
  2. Continue with the claim- they should have read the listing. it may result in you not completing the transaction but they will get a strike and u will get ur fees back!
  3. yes, file the claim, they should have asked before bidding and should have read the listing..
  4. This person is jerking you around... just follow through with the non-paying bidder claim. ;)
  5. Yes definately, I totally agree.

    I hate it when this happens - especially when they don't email you and let you know that they made a mistake and no longer want the bag.

    It's bad enough when they change their mind anyway, but when they don't even let you know - Oh it annoys me.

    Definately file a NPB alert and get your fees back.
  6. Definitely file your claim. The buyer is playing games with you.
  7. Thanks for your advice ladies!!
  8. One more tip -- you will not have to pay some of the relisting fees if you relist after you go through the NPB process. I'm not exactly sure how much it is, but at least it's a small savings!
  9. Yes, I would def file the NPB. They should have asked any and all questions before bidding.
  10. Sorry this happened to you!