advice please! pick one ;)

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  1. ok azur speedy or epi? i love epi, but azur is soo sweet!
  2. azur speedy~~
  3. I have the exact same problem as you! I was thinking about purchasing the azur as its cheaper! Though I think epi is really classy!
  4. If you already have the epi line for other models, go for Azur then. It is fun to have/collect different lines, makes it complete :smile:, IMO.
  5. Azur gets my vote!
  6. Epi! is TDF:yes: and clasy
    azure is boring and too resort!
  7. Epi. Allthough Azur is gorgeous I´m afraid of the light canvas.
  8. i prefer the Epi. the Azur might get dirty easily, and it'll look funny once the leather oxidizes
  9. Azur!
  10. You should go with the epi
  11. I love epi
  12. azur
  13. Epi in mandarin or moka
  14. Epi Speedy in Moka!
  15. Epi