Advice please on my Chamonix Kelly

  1. Hello -

    I used to be on this forum quite often but then totally banned myself because I was spending too much money on handbags:push:

    So recently I have jumped back into the handbag world.

    I need some advice please.

    I currently own two kellys:
    32cm fuschia ostrich p/h
    32chm natural chamonix p/h

    I have never worn my chamonix. Should I part ways with it? I think it is gorgeous...but I am worried about how fragile it is (read on other posts that it might spot). Also - I am very casual - do you think this bag is dressy? I have a toddler, am 31 years old and don't dress up much.

    Any advice?:confused1:

    p.s. I know there is no selling on the board-I am only asking for thoughts.:yes:

  2. My opinion is that if you haven't worn it, why not? If you don't love it, will worry too much about the leather, or something else - perhaps it's not the best bag for you. Is there something else you want more? I have a chamonix plume and love the leather - although if I know it's going to be a stormy day out I would opt for another bag - mainly I go from car to office, etc. It's really a personal decision...oh and I know what you mean - hanging around here isn't good sometimes for the wallet lol!!!
  3. I love natural chamonix! I tried on a Kelly in this combo in Chicago and fell in love. It is truly a beautiful combination, and so versatile. But if you are not enjoying it, then sell it and put that $$$ towards a bag you WILL love and enjoy using!
  4. Totally true. What does your heart long for? Many ladies on this subforum purge bags they no longer use to make money available for new ones. Nothing wrong with that! Very smart, IMHO.

    <---- needs to take her own advice! :nuts:
  5. Yup, I agree with the previous posters. Sell it, and put the money away until you find something you can use and love!
  6. You guys are right! :yes: I need to let go of my guilt and sell it. IT's just so pretty to look at! But yet I don't wear it so I think it's best at a home where it will be loved:heart:

    I am the worst at hanging onto things I don't wear/use!
  7. ^ what are you thinking of getting instead?

    Maybe a Togo Kelly or a Bolide (which is very nice with kids in tow, easy access..)
  8. Oh dear......I just went through this very same thing with my HAC. Love that bag....LOVE it but because I wasn't using it, decided to sell it. And now I can move forward to something just as lovely that will get used a lot more. So, I say there's nothing wrong with selling something you aren't using. These bags are so expensive that, for me, unless it get's used, I can't justify keeping it.
  9. Before you sell it, I want to tell you that chamonix is not as delicate as it actually looks. I have an agenda in chamonix and just to check it out, I took a spot on the inside back and did my darndest to scratch it to see how it would do, and it would not scratch! Now I know that I didn't scrape it with a nail or bang it against anything, but if you love the color, try using it regularly for a few days and give it a test run. Maybe you will like it more if you are not so afraid to use it? Worth a try. If that doesn't change your opinion, I say go ahead and sell it. It doesn't do you any good sitting in your closet. Best wishes.
  10. I agree with the others--sell it and buy something that you would love and could use more in this Minnesota weather!!

    I'm sure that there are bags out there that you would be just crazy about and look forward to using!
  11. This is a great point! Give it a try first, and then decide. you never know, you might fall in love with actually wearing it!
  12. I'd try it out first too! You know I was going to sell one of my bags but after taking her out yesterday I realized I just can't do it...she's too beautiful to let go. You never know!
    But if the two of you don't click definitely sell and buy something you are dreaming about! :yes:

    PS I also just love saying "Chamonix" ;)
  13. I'm with Sophie - I really don't know what all the fuss is over Chamonix. I own a 35 Natural Chamonix Birkin, and if you look up some older threads on this, you will find out that as soon as I received the bag, I did some experimenting on it. I wet it (on the inside of a strap!) and wet it, and wet it.....nada, nothing. I also have a natural chamonix agenda, and did the 'scratch' test that Sophie describes, and had the same's really is a hard leather to mark. I also own bags in barenia and box calf, and let me tell you, they mark MUCH easier than the chamonix ever will.
    The top of my Herbag is Vache Natural, which I love, and this scratches fairly easily (although the marks blend in over time), but it STAINS like crazy if it gets wet. Permanent watermarks, until the patina of time and use develop.

    I think many people get Natural Chamonix and Vache Naturale confused, sometimes. I have found my Natural Chamonix to be very hardy.
  14. I agree that you should try using it first. The hardest thing to know about any bag is how you would feel using it in real life vs. loving it in the store. Since you already bought it, you have the opportunity to test-drive and you have nothing to lose. Even if you ended up selling it to buy something else, if you know what exactly you did not like about the old bag you would be able to avoid making a similar purchase as your replacement. If after trying it out you really feel the bag is not for you, then it makes perfect sense to move on and get something else. But before you do, really try to pinpoint what it is that makes you not use it.
  15. K, thanks for posting your experiences with this leather and as compared with Vache Naturelle too. VN would scare the **** outta me, lol! But wrt chamonix, is it heavy? How would it compare to say something like chevre?