Advice Please On Ebay Chloe

  1. hey guys last winter I bought the Chloe paddington tall satchel in brown. I want to sell it on eBay. I originally bought it for 1800 dollars US. How much do you think I can get for it? It's in pretty good condition with only a few minor scratches on the lock and stuff. Do you think this bag is still hot enough for me to be able to sell it at a good price? Also, does anyone have any other options besides eBay like maybe the company buys back bags?
    thanks alot
    here are som!e pics of it for reference
    Photo 223.jpg Photo 221.jpg Photo 224.jpg
  2. Hi, I think it also depends on how much the bag has been used. And you can cut a % value from the original price. If it doesn't work, you can try again with a lower price.

    eBay has got the widest market, but there's also a new website where you could try, called from My Poupette.
    They authenticate the items in auction, at least, I think. Have a look and good luck!

  3. I have the same bag and I love mine! its too bad you wanna sell it?? actually it was your pictures that made me want the bag.

    I wouldn't go with my poupette, just last week they made two major mistakes in authenticating my Chloe bag! first they said it was not authentic becuase the seem had glue as well as stitching, then they assumed becuase of the glue the bag was a defective. Becuase of that they ruined my sale on ebay and I had to refund the customer the money. Both my bags were purchased from Aloha Rag and I had all the papers to prove it.....I am so angry at them!

    So to summerize, they don't know Chloe bags well enough, and Chloe tends to be inconsistent in their QC.
  4. :s ops.. I'm sorry for your experience.
    I have to admit that I had a particular experience with them too. I asked them to authenticate my Prada bag (bought IN THE FACTORY OF possible mistake, you know) in order to make the potential customer feel safer: I was planning to sell it on Ebay.
    Well, it took a looong time! I don't understand why. Probably they are efficient with LV. Anyway it was just a suggestion to have a different place to sell, beside Ebay.
    But... why don't you take the bag to an authorized Chloè seller, to have an official authentication? In this way, you can prove the bag was authentic, and ask them for the damages... :graucho:
  5. thanks for replying guys!
    mona- i'm glad my pics made you want to buy it, it is a really nice bag I'm just ready to move on I guess :smile:

    Babi- if i bring it to an authorized Chloe boutique will they give me a paper certificate? Do i have to pay for it or something?
  6. Mh, I have no idea, you know? Why don't you call one and ask, before going? I suppose they try to avoid written authentication, but you don't know until you try.
    Good luck!
  7. I have heard that Chloe does not authenticate handbags, but you could try Neiman Marcus or Nordstroms. I doubt if you will get anything in writing though...good luck. :shrugs:
  8. ^ I agree. :yes:

    TBH, Chloe boutiques are pretty unhelpful, unless you purchase directly though them.

    I think they would be wise to change this policy, as if they did authentification and/or repairs, they would cut down on the number of people carrying fakes unknowingly.
  9. ITA ^^^^

    The Boutiques won't even send in for repair unless you bought from them.