Advice please on a gift..................

  1. My DH asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I have been eyeing the gold chaine d'ancre but the price is actually more than a bag. (non exotic). what to do? Anyone have one of the gold bracelets?
  2. Most of the H jewelries I have are sterling silver. Hermes gold and platinum jewelries are pricey.

    Perhaps you can consider the sterling silver bracelet with the mini bag charms? I love it!
  3. I have a silver Alea bracelet that I love. Do you have a strong preference for gold?
  4. I have & love the 18k gold 1cm birkin necklace, goes with everything, it is about $ 2500+tax us.
  5. ^^Avandome, every time I read one of your posts, I laugh out loud at your avatar!!!

  6. actually i wear only silver but i am kind of wanting a statement piece
  7. I dont have any H Jewelry ..but the gold chaine d'ancre sounds like an absolutely marvelous piece.

    I think any H Jewelry is gorgeous and stands out compared to other jewelry makers out there. Whatever it is..I know its going to be fantastic. (are you sure you dont want another Birkin)

  8. ummmmmmmmm yeah.............of course i do! thats the dilemma!:smile:
  9. Hermesaholic, yes, I love the Hermes 18K gold jewelry and feel the gold chaine d'ancre bracelet a beautiful choice. The prices do rival the cost of a Birkin, certainly, but, I have and am enjoying mine as much as I do my H bags.

    I feel if you have a real passion for fine jewelry, you would love Hermes gold pieces.

    Here are some pics of my Hermes bracelets....the first one is the Ruban in yellow gold which, I believe, is a 2007 introduction ( this styling is shown in the F/W Le Monde 07 ) and the second pic is the Paname in white gold with a diamond pave' clasp which was a F/W '06 piece.



    The charm bracelet suggestion is also an excellent choice and, of course, also comes in gold.

  10. ISUS oh my --------that woven gold bracelet is what i am dyin:love:g for!

  11. Isus ~ You Always Have The Most Beautiful Everything!!!:heart:
  12. ISUS--is your braided gold bracelet the MM or the GM?
  13. awwww, bagluv, thank you!!!!

    hermesaholic, I'm sorry.....I didn't ask the size of wrist is fairly slender so I'm going to guess mm.
  14. hermesaholic, I reread your posts above.....where you said you wanted a statement piece. Everything is personal taste, of course. But as to which of these is actually more of a showy piece ( yet tasteful ) the yellow gold Ruban is more so, I feel. The links on this one are not large but it is so very pretty in real life. More showy than the chaine d'ancre style. Of course you can get the gold chaine d'ancre with a diamond toggle/clasp, you know:tup:

    The Paname style also comes in yellow gold and I feel it would be more of a "look at me" piece in yellow gold yet, at the same time just as tasteful. Mine, above, in white gold, is more understated.
  15. Thank you ISUS! your pieces are DIVINE!:yahoo: