Advice, please! Love Vernis, hate patina...

  1. I need help! :girlsigh:

    I love Vernis, but hate patina... especially on Vernis bags.
    I had the Sunset in Aramante, and I loved it. I gave it to my sister, because she loved it, and I tend to only wear evening bags once.

    My questions:

    Are there other Vernis bag that I'm missing, that don't have vachetta?
    Do you think the Sunset can be carried as a day bag?

  2. I think that's about it.
    It depends on how much you carry every day. I know for myself, I have way too many items to carry on a daily basis to carry a small bag all the time. If you don't carry much, it could work though.
  3. Thanks :smile:

    When I'm not carrying my work bag, I don't actually carry much. So a small bag works.
    But now I'm also thinking that it will get scratches on the plate and generally banged around, especially since it can't sit.
  4. i feel the same way!!! i love the look of the vachetta, but it's so high maintenance. I'm completely head over heels for the roxbury drive, but i decided to purchase the epi clutch as it would be easier to keep clean.
    personally, i wouldn't carry the sunset as a "day" bag; however, i would take it to a fall brunch.
  5. Yes, I don't love patina on vernis vachetta either.