Advice please...keep or sell???


Do I keep or sell my paddy?

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  1. After wanting this side pocket paddy for sooo long I finally got it from Aloha Rag last december and I loved it....but after a few months I find that its not as handy as some of my other bags.....specially compared to my other aubergine traditional paddy satchel....

    I also got the paddy double buckle boots to match the bag...which I still love!

    So the question is, is it just a phase and I will go back to loving the bag or do I just sell it??? Will I regret it or not??:confused1: :confused1: :confused1:

    I think its becuase its bigger and heavier than most of my other bags and I do have 3 kids under 7 that I am always around....
    boots.jpg paddy.jpg
  2. If you aren't in love with it, then sell it! No use in holding on to a bag that you aren't going to enjoy wearing! And use the $$$ to buy a bag that you WILL enjoy!

    But before you decide anything, give it a few days to try out and see if you just need to get comfortable with it!
  3. I have had it since december and wore it a bunch of times already!!
  4. Was it too heavy? Too cumbersome?
  5. I think it is for me right now....Its kinda hard to carry it along with my 8 month old big boy....

    I update my avatar picture to show my 3 bundles of joy....
  6. Love your avatar! Your children are beautiful! And I can totally relate to trying to lug around a big bag with an infant. It's like carrying two diaper bags- WAY too heavy a load for me! Why not try to sell and get a tad smaller bag that will fit nicely over the shoulder, without adding too much weight! You will be so much happier in the long run!
  7. Thanks Jag...I think I just needed that little push and I can always wear my Chloe boots with any other bag right?
  8. Hell yeah! Those boots are so hot, they will look fabulous with any bag!
  9. I had the same prob with my choco paddy satchel. I loved the look of it, loved the leather, really wanted to keep it. But in the end I was resisting carrying it (for me, it boiled down to being too dark and blending in with my wardrobe too much).

    I was sooo torn, I even bought an adorable pair of Chloe platform booties to go with it.

    And then never wore it :shame:

    When I made the decision to sell I was soooo relieved!!

    And I applied the cash to another bag that I am loving and using every day!!
  10. I really like it! :love: But I guess you have a little 8 mth old baby to carry on one arm, and then a chloe side pocket to carry as well, then it might get a little too heavy :sad: The shape of the bag is great though, and I wish you best of luck in what ever you decide :yes:
  11. I sold mine. It was a whiskey, I just was feeling like I wanted something different.
  12. God only knows I am so guilty of this very thing - on a mission to find a certain bag and then after awhile, (I ignore my gut at first) realize that it is not working for me. My vote is don't worry about the decision - I think we have all done it at one time or another, purchased that perfect bag only to find out that it was more perfect in our minds and less perfect in our real life! It feels so much better to sell a bag that you are not really in love with and then find one that fits you better, than hanging onto a "mistake" and beating yourself up over it everytime you open your closet door.
  13. hmmm, I run into this dilemma sometimes. It might not be the choice for you this season, but would you use it when fall rolls around? If you're about how you feel at the moment, then sell. Otherwise, hang onto it. :smile: its a pretty paddy :love:
  14. I'm in the same boat as u... i have three boys all under 5 years old...and esp. w/a hands are soo full I really can't handle the heavy Chloes.... at least not for's tough to let go...they are so stylish and beautiful! But the money could very well go where needed or for a better purse... I say sell it... I am trying to decide which of mine to sell first!
  15. I say if you're not wearing it now and you just recently bought it (like in the past 4 months)... then you probably won't be picking it back up and are already looking for something new that will work for you. A bag that's already heavy with 3 kids to look after --- forget it. I have no kids --- 1 dog and I carry a ton of stuff with me and if my bag is too heavy, more than likely that's what I leave behind.

    I would pack the bag in a box - so you don't have to look at it... and have it in your head it's going out the door. Put it in your closet tonite. If you totally forget about it, that means you really won't miss it. If you find yourself *thinking* about it, then I would wait a little while before selling it.