Advice Please - Is this alright???

  1. I really want an ostrich leather bag. I came across this site that custom makes them with the color and hardware you want. Anyways, they had a Hermes style birken on there. But they were not trying to pass it off as an authentic Hermes bag. And if I bought this bag, I would not try to pass it off as a Hermes because that is just ridiculous and I think fakes are disgusting :yucky:. I just really love the style of the bag and it's actually a no name brand (though they do offer real ostrich leather). Would it be ok to buy it? It's not like it's going to try and be passed off as a Hermes bag. I thought it would be alright, but since I am an anti-fake bag carrier, I thought it wold be best to ask you guys here.

    Anyways, thanks for your advice in advance. I hope you think it's alright because I really love this bag....:girlsigh:
  2. can we see the link?

    i think that given the popularity of that shape and style it would be fine, you cant say that no one can ever have a chain strap or quilted leather ever again just because chanel popularized it...
  3. I would probably go with the second site, as they are not trying to copy the birkin exactly like the 1st site is. Plus, that red bag in the ostrich section on the second site is super cute. I think if youre willing to spend on an ostrich bag, having a unique one would be better. If i was getting a custom bag Id want something that everyone didnt already have!
  4. ^^ I would look a little more. The Hermes style bag on the E-Ostrich site has plastic zippers on it. To me, that is poor quality. There is no way an almost $500 bag should have plastic zippers on it, especially for the outside and main zippers.
  5. ^^ I agree. For that price, you might want to look into something better quality. You dont' know how reputable these sites are.