ADVICE PLEASE: is $600 a good price for a NWT Black Striping Hudson?

  1. a friend of a friend works for LVMH and purchased the hudson during the employee sale and is planning to sell it. She's offering me $600, i know she got it for waaaaaaaaaay less than that, but i dont really know her so i dont feel comfortable asking for a lower price.. and it retailed for around $1200

    so is this a good price for a brand new with tag black striping hudson?

    what do you guys think?
    ive been wanting a hudson but cant find any in stores or eBay
  2. abso-freaking-loutely! i be so excited if i got a brand new hudson for that price considering how hard to find and in demand they are now.
  3. Wow, thats a great deal considering ANY of the MJ bags in Black are rarely seen on sale.
  4. ^^ you think i shud do it?? :wondering

    ive seen the bag IRL when she showed it to me and its this one
  5. Absolutely! That's a great deal - if it were listed on eBay it would probably go way beyond that!
  6. YEEEES!!! Love, love, love that bag. $600 is a steal.
  7. It's your decision, but most of the gals here would probably snatch that deal up too. I like it! :tup: And I may be wrong but it may only be available at the boutiques now. I havent seen one at any dept stores in the last 3 months.
  8. heck ya!!! I bought this bag for full retail w/tax at the MJ store, and I thought THAT was worth it! Same color too! I'd buy it in a heartbeat! Hope you end up buying it. I wouldn't pass this deal up!
  9. I agree with everyone else! You should definitely get it. Like now! Great price for a hard to find bag. And NWT??! :tup:
  10. okay im sold!!!

    WOW what a rush!! i just called her up and she says shell bring it to me this weekend!!

    im finally going to own a hudson :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

  11. AND you get her personally delivered!?! Great deal! :tup: You MUST post pics when you get her!
  12. ^^ ill post her up as soon as i can!
    man.. im still feeling the rush :yahoo:
  13. wow thats an awesome price. i would definitely jump at that chance. hudson is such an in demand bag. for awhile, you couldnt even get it full price if you wanted to (i think...)
  14. Take It Take It!!
  15. Definitely a great deal!!! You will love your new Hudson. I paid full retail plus taxes for that and don't regret it. Congratulations and don't forget to post pictures.