Advice please. I'm so mad and don't know what to do.

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  1. I have just been onto Paypal and found that my bag I was selling has been bought and paid for using Buy It Now.I logged onto E Bay and found I have an e-mail saying "Very sorry bought the wrong bag will you refund me?"
    I find this hard to believe I can understand maybe clicking BIN on the wrong bag but not carrying it on and actually paying for it.
    I bought some pottery last week and then wished I hadn't but went through with it and then just listed it myself.Surely that is the correct thing to do.
    I have been trying to sell the bag for ages.What does everyone think I should do?
  2. I would email them the standard "Thank you for your payment; your item is shipping today and here is the delivery confirmation number" email, not acknowledging their email at all, and I would ship it out right away.

    Then if they try to refuse the shipment or whatever, you have upheld your end of the original CONTRACT that they agreed to, and PayPal/eBay would definitely not find in their favor as this is clearly and obviously buyers' remorse.

    Just don't delete that email you never saw.

  3. Are you sure the paypal funds are available?
    Be careful, check out this buyer.
  4. Unfortunately I already replied saying I didn't understand how that could happen and if they didn't like the bag they could resell it. Have I blown it?
  5. Hrrrm...well honestly no you have not blown it. It does sort of depend on what your listing says about the finality of sales, though. If you accept returns at all, this person is just going to return the bag anyway. If you DON'T, then they really are pretty much stuck unless you feel like bending.
    You could offer to let them use your photos to sell the bag if they don't want it once it gets to them; I have heard some sellers do this and it apparently mollifies buyers who do stupid stuff like this.

    Worst case, I guess you could refund the money, file for your fees as mutually agreed to cancel, and all you're out is the original cost of listing the bag--which I would ask the deadbeat bidder to pay.

    Really depends on how you feel about the situation.
  6. hmm, i would definetley suggest not to do this. paypal will not side with the seller just because the seller has proof the item has shipped, seller must provide proof that the item was DELIVERED. so if your buyer denies the package the post office will send it back and you will be out the shipping costs.
    just have them fill out a "mutual agreement not to complete transaction" then you get your final value fees back at least. if this person is in anyway a scammer, they will get their money back for the bag, and you may be out both $ and bag.