Advice please---Has anyone seen this pre-fall bag IRL?

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  1. If you have seen this bag in person, would appreciate any opinions---good or bad---about the strass and/or the oxidized goatskin. How flashy is it? And does it appear ridiculously fragile? It would be more of a special occasion bag for me, so I know it won't be that practical, but still want to be able to wear it without worrying continuously.
    Thanks so much!

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  2. Hi there! I have my eye on a similar bag but it's a Boy; I have been looking for more info as well. I was told the goatskin is metallic and can be repaired if scratched, and that Chanel would replace any crystals that may fall off. My Chanel Rainbow Boy is metallic and it's very durable.

    What size CF is this, do you know? The bag in my photo is a med.

    Also, I would also wear this bag with jeans etc. A girl came into the boutique while I was looking at this and she had khaki's and a tshirt-the bag looked great with what she had. It almost had an edge to it.

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  3. Thank you Gail13 for weighing in! That Boy bag is GORGEOUS!!!
    It's good to know that Chanel will help for problems with scratching and replacing crystals!

    The size of this bag is similar to that of a medium CF, according the SA who sent me the photo. He also said that it would be great with many types of outfits, including jeans. If I were to get this bag, I'd like to be able to wear it more often than once in a very great while...

    Would appreciate any additional comments from people who have previously purchased an "embellished" bag and what their experiences were, not only with the bag, but also with Chanel for after care.

    Thanks again!
  4. Borrowing this thread to ask what bag is this? Posted in Authentic finds from bloomies yesterday. I like!

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  5. WOW! Is that a back pocket? I've read that Chanel metallics are not very durable. Have they improve on them?
  6. Well this is goat metallic which the Rainbow bag also has and that's been durable. Let's hope so.
  7. Wow, I think those are stunning!
  8. This boy is gorgeous! Is it in store now? And is that a back pocket? This is one thing I think the boys is missing- back pockets! I am so used to storing my phone in my jumbos/reissues for everyday use, boys for me are more "special-occasion" when convenience isn't a priority, e.g. shopping, dates.

    Also I would double check with Chanel for the crystal replacement, re: if it applies globally, if there is a time limit, etc. And get it in writing! (I had to send something I bought a few weeks ago for repair, after only one wear! it is such a hassle, not just disappointment with the quality part, but also the back and forth with management)
  9. I'm going to get it at Nordstrom and was assured it would be taken care of. Nordstrom is fantastic at customer service. It still will require extra care but I'm OK, all my other bags are pretty much every day.

  10. I think it's called Gabrielle... Not sure about price though