Advice please from existing mommies

  1. I am due in 2 days time and feel as if the pressure low down is too much (made worse when she wriggles about) also the pressure in my lower back (i am soooo fed up and have had a few tears today as i feel i can't do this much more) is this normal does it mean labour may be close?
  2. My advice since I've been through this 3 times is you should head to the hospital immediately or call them first if you are not sure!!!!!!!! From my experiences, you are in labour!!! Do you feel pain every few minutes? I know when I had my son 6 weeks ago, I went to the hospital when the pain was every 3 minutes on and 3 minutes off (and he was 16 days early) and within 45 minutes of arriving to the hospital I had him.
  3. i the hospital/your doctor for advise. cause i'm not sure if they want people to come in to early. when i was pregnant, i was told (in the ante-natal classes) not to come in until i've regular contractions. it could be that your baby is positioning herself, getting ready for the birth. all the best...=)
  4. Since you are so close to your ed.d. go to the hospital or call your ob/gyn.
  5. Just wanted to say that if you feel you need medical attention during pregnancy dont be afraid or embarrassed to go to the hospital. They will check you out & either keep you or send you home. No big deal it happens all the time. Better safe than sorry. Shoot, I did it during my pregnancy. I went to the hospital at 2:30am because I hadnt felt my baby move all day. They gave me juice, did some tests, baby was kicking up a storm (I couldnt feel it, though) & sent me on my way.
  6. yes call your doc - that is his/her job. i went in with my first around the due date thinking it was labor but it wasn't. made me feel better if nothing else.
  7. i strongly agree with this.
  8. It's better to go get checked out to be sure you are not in labor - don't worry, they see things like this all the time, and you just never know, they may not send you home!
  9. are you still here?
    Any news?
  10. Do you know I went into labor exactly the same day seven years ago!!! Do call a nurse...and DRINK water never I called, was told to drink water...and the plug started coming out a bit at a looks just like snot....
    It is the most amazing thing....and I tried to get a C section to no avail...I was a size 0 when I conceived and gave birth to a 9lb 11ounce baby girl...I had an epidural, some type of Valium..and didn't scream, cry from the pain or any of it...and she was good luck!!!! ENJOY this....xxkiley
  11. I delivered my little girl Ruby on her due date Xmas Eve :heart::love:
  12. Congrats! :smile: I think thats an especially great name for a Christmas Eve birthday!
  13. Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! What a great Christmas gift:smile:
  14. Congrats! I remember that lower back pain. I had that and thought I just ate too much for lunch and less than two hours later I had my baby
  15. Awwww...Congratulations! What a wonderful Christmas gift you gave yourself!