ADVICE please...friend issue

  1. Hopefully someone can relate. I have a friend that always copies me. I'm talking everything...clothes, shoes, bag and even haircut and style. In the beginning I didn't care...but now it's getting to the point that it's annoying. And it doesn't help that we have the same group of friends either.

    What bugs is she never says she likes what i'm wearing...she just checks me out and stares(trying to figure out who the designer is) Then the next time I see her...she's wearing the same top I have. I say, "Oh I have that"....and she says, "you do?" (acting dumb) And she'll also say, "oh I saw that shirt but they didn't have my size but the SA is ordering it for me. (yeah right...everything I wear she trys hunting for the same thing) And her body shape and size is different then half of the stuff she wears doesn't even look good on her. I tried telling her a few times too but she doesn't care she thinks she looks good. Not only does she copy me but everyone...she'll go out and buy a jacket just because she saw someone wearing it and it look good on them so she thinks she'll look the same. I'm sorry but she just doesn't have any fashion style.

    OMG...didn't know this is getting so long....I could go on and on. But, anyways...I try not to go shopping w/her now because everything I pick out she'll want one too. So, now I try to shop at other places I know she can't find the same item. If she does pick something out...she'll ask if I like it...if I say yes...of course she'll buy it. I've tried telling her in an indirect way... but she just laughs it off and says she doesn't care. So, my questions is should I tell her again in a more direct way to stop copying me? We've been friends for a long time so I don't want to lose her as a friend...or should I just ignore it and shop at places that I know she can't find my items?
  2. I can definetely relate. I have a friend like that too but not so bad as yours. My friend will just copy my clothes and how I wear it. She doesn't have her own style. Always copying someone too. Finally, one day I just told her straight out that it was bothering me that she bought everything that I did. At first she was shocked then a little hurt but, in the end she was okay. Now she doesn't buy everything like me. If she does it's in a different color. But, you should definetely tell your friend. :yes:
  3. Hey my sister has a friend exactly like yours. Always copying w/no sense of her own style. My sister gets annoyed too. Now, my sister and I just shop together to find different pieces and brands that we know she can't find. Oh, and you should comfront her. My sister did but her friend didn't take her seriously. Good Luck
  4. by the way....I think you put this in the wrong thread. Next time go to playground and relationship and family.
  5. my sister has this problem with a friend of hers, except her friend is a one up-er. everything new any one of her friends gets, shell get a better version of it, or the same thing in 3 colors. it kinda stinks for my sister and her friends bc its to the point where they cant enjoy anything new they get for more than a day or two.
  6. spoke to my friend and she wasn't too happy. She didn't understand why I was bothered by it....hello? we hang out w/the same group of friends and I don't want to have to wonder if she'll be wearing the same thing or carrying the same bag as me to the same party. Anyway, she didn't give me a chance to talk much cuz she said she had to go. Hung up.
  7. Show her a picture of a very short haircut dyed in a color you would never color your hair. Think a actress that she can easily find a picture of. Tell her you LOVE this cut and color and are going to do your hair that way. Ask her opinion on it. Maybe next time you she her she will have her hair cut. LOL
    I would shop without her in stores she can't find and tell her you only shop at some large major dept. store since they seem to have everything you like.
    She is insecure and thinks she will look like you if she dresses like you, sad but I doubt if telling her you don't like it will make her stop.
  8. Imitation is a form of flattery?

    ... some people just have no originality, though.
  9. That's sad to hear though. =( But as for me, growing up I always wore my sister's clothes or someone else's. I don't usually buy. And so I always feel safer whenever my sister helps me pick out stuff. I just look at it and see if it works out. But I don't always have the best fashion sense. But who cares. =D Luckily my body isn't too hard to match clothes.
  10. You know, it sounds like you have your own style, and that you choose a wardrobe that you like and that looks good on you. If she copies you by wearing styles and colors that aren't flattering on her, you undoubtedly look far better than she does in the same clothes, and probably everybody around you can see what's going on. In fact, from what you say, it sounds like she looks rather pitiful. So I'd suggest you simply carry yourself with confidence, secure in the knowledge that your style is yours and no one can copy it simply through imitation.:beach:
  11. I must agree that this can be very annoying and I can completely relate.. It seems like your friend has no fashion sense of her own.. she very much needs the help of others to give herself an identity.. Personally she will never change once a copycate will always be a copycate.. She's a Follower and your'e a Leader.. Just take her cloning you as a compliment.. And continue to shop at boutiques and buy odd brands.. nothing to overrated. :smile:
  12. Thanks everyone!

    Great idea gilliana...but instead of a haircut...i'll pick a piece of clothing. Don't want to be too mean now.

    lemonhead...I totally agree. I'm the leader and she's a follower. (Sad but true) I'm going to continue to shop at places she won't normally look and buy different brands that's hard to come by.