Advice please- does this look right?

  1. Hi all! :biggrin: Was hoping for a little help if you don't mind! My sis bought this paddy off ebay (eeks! this gives me anxiety..ebay is stressful!) I want to make sure she didn't get ripped off! :suspiciou I know there are lots of experts here- does this look right to you? do you guys mind helping
    c4_1.jpg 05_1.jpg 20_1.jpg 82_1.jpg 95_1.jpg
  2. Who did she buy it from? Is that the khaki paddy that Personalshoppers had for sale?
  3. It's Khaki BTW!
  4. Is the acent mark over the "e" in Chloe facing the same way in both pics? I'm not the expert. Amanda is. Have her check in.

    For the record though, it looks good to me. I tried comparing it to mine. and they seem to match up.
  5. Hi Loganz- it's not from Personalshopperz- her email said she worked at a highend dept store and my sis looked up her feedback and saw she had most stuff from neiman- so she's assuming she works there.
  6. Did your sis say who she bought it from? Was it lebagboutique?
  7. I glanced at her auction, I'll ask her when I see her later, it wasn't someone like a Leshent or Lebagboutique- I don't remember her username but it was an individual seller. Also, she was the type of seller who sold things once in a while not in bulk- thanks everyone!
  8. Is lebagboutique a legit seller? I may do a trade with her for my big pocket bag.

    I remember seeing this auction on eBay and thinking it looked pretty good (esp for the price), but the pics are not great due to the flash interference, so it is hard to tell. I think the seller was 100% positive feedback, though, so maybe you got a great deal!
  9. When she has actual pics the bags look good. Otherwise her auctions are preorders from places like LVR.
  10. Yes, I noticed that, too. But I trust LVR, so if that is where her bags are coming from I am happy. Esp if she can get me a white/blanc medium pocket!
  11. Yep, and a lot of her bags have Neiman Marcus tags as well. I wouldn't doubt the authenticity of her items. It's the markup on the preorders that bugs me :lol: Might as well just preorder them myself if theyre available.
  12. Yes, and she's very nice...... but her prices are insane.
  13. True. But I was going to do a trade, not actually buy. She doesn't have the white pocket! I guess I will start calling Nordstroms.