Advice please .... cosmetic surgery for feet

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  1. Hi guys just your thoughts please, im thinking of having cosmetic surgery on my terribly deformed feet from years wearing high heels and fashion footwear, main problem is large bunions and hammered toes .
    I have been offered a job new career as yoga instructor and dance, im afraid the shape of my feet would now have me feeling embarrassed when im bare footed , now am I being stupid thinking of cosmetic surgery to make my feet pretty after all these years ??
  2. If your feet bother you then wanting surgery to correct it is not petty. However, I truly believe you are more self aware of your feet than anyone else will be. But if it will have an ill effect on your self esteem and confidence to go into your new career then you should explore the surgery.
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  3. I thought painful bunions might be considered a medical issue covered by insurance? My question would be about incisions and scarring. I'd love to know what you find out. Would you consult a plastic surgeon or foot doctor?
  4. I had hammer tow surgery in 1999 (right root) and 2000 (left foot). Both done in hospital and I was put to sleep (I was given the option to go under or not go under). I interviewed 8 doctors before I decide on the doctor that did my surgery (he also did my mother's bunion surgery). I was in the surgical show for 10 weeks for each foot, with pins in each toe (they take a piece of bone out of each toe and leave in pins to keep them straight). The pins came out after 7-8 weeks (hurt like hell with they yank them out with pliers). Insurance will not pay for it, unless you are in pain from your feet. I was feeling vain about 2 of my left foot toes, so he took more bone out (this time in the office and I was awake the entire time).

    I did not have my feet done for medical reasons; it was purely vanity reasons, but somehow the insurance I had at the time, paid for it 100%.
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  6. Guys thank you all for your help , I have seen a foot doctor surgeon than plastic surgeon and now had my one bunion made smaller and 2 hammered toes straightened , my self esteem is better and yes I will admit vanity played a big part , thanks all Sharon.
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  7. Sharon, do you have scars where the bunion was fixed? How long and hard was recovery?
  8. H
    Hi guys Hi Lulilu my bunion operation was basic and I only had the joint that was sticking out made smaller 2 small incisions and the build up of calcium on the bunion took out, recovery was quick only 2 weeks not wearing heels so I could cope with that lol.
    Lulilu are you considered somthink similar with your feet ? .
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  9. I am Sharon. My joints do stick out and it seems to be getting worse. I am loathe to wear the dreaded blue boot for a month and, even worse, have huge ugly scars on my feet. I am a sandal fanatic and would be so embarrassed. I am glad to hear your recovery was quick. It may give me courage to visit the doctor for a consultation.
  10. Your operation sounds like it has been successful and a minor inconvenience to you, do you have before and after picture so we can see how well it has been done. I have small to medium right bunion that's not so bad but can be quite painful at times. I have considered surgery but been put of by how invasive it can be and potentially make things worse.
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