Advice please..... Colour for coin purse

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I'm thinking of getting a coin purse to go with my new Rouge_Vif City. There's a Rouille one in my store here right now but looking at all the gorgeous Grass Green bags here, I thought I might want to wait for that colour. Which colour will go better with Rouge?
    Any input will be much appreciated, thanks!:flowers:
  2. I think you should go for the green, there's no rule that your coin purse has to match your bag in tone, plus I think the green would provide a nice contrast to the rouge.
  3. This is just my opinion, but I would get something totally the opposite of the bag color you are carrying. For as much as you will spend on a little coin purse, you should be able to experience a new color, year, and leather. Plus, I just love the mix and match look with bbags.

    My coin purse is 05 navy bleu, my bag is 05 caramel purse and I also have an 05 mini twiggy in olive and an 05 black purse on it's way to me. My point is, I didn't want my coin purse to match. I love the pop of color!
  4. Thank you, ladies! I think a contrast of colour will be nice too, its just that the store here doesn't bring in all the 07 colours. Guess I have to try my luck in Ebay.
  5. I say go with a different color, too! It will stand out instead of blending in.
  6. my advice is dont get a color thats too light. I have a pale pink one and its starting to look a little "worn", not dirty, but just not new anymore.
  7. Balenciaga in NY has the new green coin purses in as well as a french blue - both of which are perfect for the coin purse.
  8. show ur x'mas spirit!!!!:yahoo:
  9. ^ Thats what I was thinking! It may be a tad "Christmas" to have a red purse and a green coin pouch... but who says thats a bad thing? :o)
  10. Order one from BalNY...I think green would be hot!!
  11. Gosh, now I'm tempted... I have to get my hands on the Green one. Being such a bright colour, I guess it makes digging for it in my bag easier. I'm going to try my luck and see if BalNY does ship to Asia. I googled and can't find their email address, can anybody help?
  12. I would go for a diffrent color easy to find in your bag and not light...!
  13. I have camel everything (makeup, wallet, and city) but wanted something different for coin purse. Chose ink AND I LOVE IT!! Easy to find and the colors complement each other well
  14. go for camel or green. def. not from the same red tones... and not blue tones too.
  15. Yes, I'm going for the Green. That will make a nice Xmas pressie from DH :graucho:
    Yay for Xmas Spirit!

    Thanks for helping me make up my mind, ladies! :flowers: