Advice please! Buyer wants me to ship to another address

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  1. Ok - so I sold a purse, but not for a lot ~$45USD. My auction clearly states that I only ship to Canada and the US.

    The winning bidder I find after the auction ends has their Paypal confirmed address in the UK. So I sent a message saying that the shipping costs are a LOT more to the UK and it specifically says in my auction where I ship to. However if she really really wants it - these were the costs to send to the UK.

    She now just writes back asking me to send to another address which is located in the U.S.

    So my question is - should I go ahead and send it to this unconfirmed address in the States? The winning bidder has 100% positive feedback and a feedback # in the 80s. Cuz technically I didn't state in my auction that I only shipped to confirmed addresses. :sad:

    Any advice would be great! Thanks!
  2. paypal doesn't cover confirmed addresses internationally anyways.
  3. So you're saying either way it doesn't matter so I shouldn't be worried about sending it to this other address she sent me?

    In a related question - I thought Paypal covered confirmed addresses between U.S. and Canada?
  4. Eh... Send it with a delivery conformation. That way you are safe if something happens to it, or they try to claim that they didn't get it.
  5. Also be sure to keep the email that requests a different address.
  6. Paypal does cover confirmed addresses in the UK--I'd ask her to pay your shipping costs to the UK and send it to the confirmed address in that country, not to the unconfirmed one in the US. It's really not any more trouble or risk to ship to the UK than it is to ship to Canada. Make sure if you use USPS to get Global Express Mail (EMS) if you want to be covered by Paypal.
  7. delivery confirmation won't help, btw, if you send it to an unconfirmed address.
  8. maybe you can ask her to paypal you using her Paypal balance or bank account (ie. NOT funded by a credit card)? That way, no possibility of a charge-back, although it doesn't rule out the risk of a Paypal dispute. But I think the fraudulent buyers usually won't bother with $45, if they want to con someone out of their money, it'll usually be for big bucks. Personally, I'd go ahead with the sale.
  9. You are not covered by Paypal if you send to an unconfirmed address. If her Paypal is a confirmed address in UK, then send it there instead, and make her pay the higher charges if she really wants it. Otherwise, make her pay your selling fees if she declines and doesn't go through with the auction. After all, you were very clear in your auction where you could send it!