Advice please ...Bought a mabel should I keep it?

  1. Bought a red mabel 40% off,hadn't planned on a mabel but it was the only
    mulberry in the sale!! Should I keep it or return it and save for a full price bag?
    I have an Oak bayswater and a black Annie.
  2. keep it ! fab collection and a bag for all occasions!!!
  3. Keep it if you really love it! It sounds fab, would love to see pics!
  4. Try on this thread instead !!

    Wow you have a red Mabel !!!

    Keep it, Keep it, Keep it, Keep it !!!!!!

    The Red Mabel is in Goatskin so its a pretty durable bag ( as long as you feed it now and again!!) and a great colour for the summer.

    What size did you get ??

    Would love to see some Modelling pictures if you keep her.
  5. Keep it (but don't tell sarajane ;)). That's a fab buy. I wonder why Mulberry haven't reduced the Mabels and yet it seems like other stores have.

    If it's the large red Mabel, I'd love to see pics as that was previously on my list (before I'd decided I don't need any new bags) :lol:
  6. KEEP IT!!!!!! Red is such a great color!!! Post pics!!!
    Oh Sarajane will have a fit!!!

    Tara - remember bag ban!!!!!
  7. Keep it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Thank you everyone. It says Size 1 on the tag so I presume its a medium
  9. Keep It :yahoo:
  10. Keep it!!!!!!!!
    (Funny, I just blabbered on in another thread that Mabels kind of haunt me at the moment, it must be a sign;))
  11. A RED MABEL??????!!!!!!
    You lucky thing, hang on to it like grim death.
  12. Hi Aine
    I would also say KEEP KEEP KEEP :tup: buthow do you like the red mabel?

    You say it was an unplanned buy - was there something else that you prefer?
    The mabel is great, and it's fab to get a bargain, but only if you really love it!

    And, did you manage to get your Annie :yahoo:, or did you already have the black before the sale??
  13. Don't Mabels come in three sizes? Mini, med and large?

    Now, truth be told - I was NOT a Mabel fan in the beginning, I thought it looked too "plain and common"......BUT....I did not give it my full attention since I was so focused on the Bayswater. After several looks, I have come to appreciate the elegant lines of the bag that make it BOTH a contemporary look and a vintage look. The rectilinear (can't spell worth a damn) shape/design of the bag is accentuated by the two front, zippered pockets, the square shaped hardware/hinges to the straps reinforces this shape AND the thin/elegant strap that is in the middle - it's a thing of beauty! I'm TRYING to wax poetic here - folks!!!!

    The shape is very different from the other bags that you have as well as the color....RED! A red bag is a keeper!!!!!! Esp. a nice red color...very hard to find! So - not that I have a strong opinion - but KEEP THIS BAG BY ALL MEANS! You will live to regret it if you part with it! You can use this bag for the next 20+ your Bayswater. A classic!

    I think I'm done now.
  14. If you don`t mind me asking where did you get it from??

  15. Need I say bag ban???:okay::okay::okay: