Advice please- any info on the Tyler?

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  1. Hi ladies do any of you have a tyler? I have seen a few on ebay recently and I am guessing there are of the same era as the phoebe? before my time/interest in Mulberry anyway. A preferred seller has a choc one in darwin and I am wondering on size heaviness capacity etc? It is for my mum who as many of you know is very elderly and disabled - she has an oak bays and a lovely Brinkley which she adores- so Im hoping it would be like a smaller version of the brinkley for her on days when she isnt carrying too much- she does her shopping in her brinkley!!! Ease of access is key as she has bad arthritis- thanks for any help ladies
  2. Hi Elvis - I never had a Tyler, but I did have a Pasadena which I think is a similar size. Nice looking bag, but quite small (smaller than Ledbury). I think that the leather tends to be quite hard, and that's one of the reasons why I re-homed it - it felt like a little box! Not sure if that's helpful...
  3. Thanks Indiana- it is helpful as if it is hard it will be no good for her with her arthritis she needs a good squishy bag- I need a brinkley smaller version- she adores that bag- bought from a lovely tpfer as an extra post Christmas christmas pressie!!!
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    What about a Mabel Shoulder? It's lovely & soft (though maybe too fiddly?)

    Or a brand spanking new Hayden Messenger?
  5. Hmm I have a mable shoulder and I think she struggled to get it on her shoulder as she is a bit sturdy!!! though maybe it was just the colour she wasnt too impressed with as mine is champagne and she loves choc!!
  6. Tyler seems pretty small... what about the little somerset?
  7. Now thats a good idea Hula thanks- I think the somerset would suiy her if I can find one or the smaller hayden shoulder could be a good option again I hadnt thought of it but it definately squashy enough for her and should be easy for her to get in and out of - great ideas - thanks ladies