Advice Please - 2010 F/W RGGH Anthracite Town


Jul 2, 2010
Hello everyone. I'm very very new to the Balenciaga brand. Below is my story and any advice or comments will be much appreciated.

I decided about a two weeks ago to consider buying myself an early birthday present - a Balenciaga bag. Prior to this I've only seen a few photos of a Balenciaga. Last week I went shopping to see what my options were size and color wise. I only intended to look and well I walked out of Barney's with a 2010 F/W RGGH Anthracite Town.

I'm trying to decide if this is the bag for me. I like the bag but I didn't get the love at first sight moment. I've never shop previous seasons like others have for many years it seems so I'm not familiar with past colors. So would this be the color for me? Is the leather suppose to feel softer? Is my bag "veiny" or "distressed"? Should I exchange the town for the city? I'm 5'4" and I feel the bag hangs a bit low as a cross body bag. Is this my deal breaker?

How did you decide on your first Balenciaga? I'm trying to get over this overwhelming feeling.

Thanks all in advance.


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Happy as Larry
May 10, 2009
If you don't like the bag, bring it back: I don't think you should need to learn to love something that costs as much as this has!

Go back and try different styles, different colours, take a look at the "Wearing your Balenciaga Bag" thread here on this Forum... this will give you a good idea as to what is out there.

Also, take a look at Balenciaga bags listed on the thread here for reliable consignment sites, as there are often "modelling" pictures - or mannequins holding the bags. Fashionphile uses mannequins so you can see the size and proportions of their listed bags.

The consginment sites also have a huge range of bags and colours from previous years.

Good luck with finding the one you love to look at and carry. It should definitely be love at first site, whether it's even or distressed leather, Anthracite or some other colour, Town or another style.


Mar 10, 2009
I think you should bring it back if it isn't love at first sight. It's a pretty big investment to make and not feel sure about. There's so many different styles and colors - have fun with it! Your leather seems pretty distressed to me. I really like the leather on your bag but the town doesn't really do it for me.


miss old school Bal
Feb 8, 2007
If you dont gush over it now, you never will. If you're a Bal first timer, you should stick with a classic like the City or First (if you like a smaller bag)


Apr 5, 2009
I agree with the above posters if you don't LOVE it take it back! I love the F/W Anthra with RGGH comb but maybe this style is just not for you. The city is nice but it can't be worn crossbody. Some girls can wear the part time cross body. If that's how you want to wear it. Take your time look around and test out a few different styles, dump all your stuff into the bags so you know what it feels like if you were wearing them. My first Bal was a City. I was looking at Bbags for a while and I actually went into Barneys looking for a city or part time and found a velo and fell for that. But they just made it in the S/S collection so I could not find it in the color i wanted. I made a million phone calls and emails cause I knew this was a bag I had to have. I got waitlisted for the Velo and in teh mean time got a city in a 09 color that I love.


Aug 7, 2006
I personally love it but you have to be happy from the start. Too much money to spend NOT to love it! Go back to Barneys and try on different styles. Are you wanting an everyday bag? small? medium? crossbody? shoulder? neutral color? pop of color? Think about these answers and then start narrowing it down. Half the fun is the hunt for the perfect Bal. :smile:
Dec 30, 2007
I love everything about the bag you bought: town, rggh, anthra. I probably would have walked out of Barney's with it as well. I have gotten quite used to my town banging around my hip and I love how easy it is to get in and out of. The city is the Bal classic - not for me as a shoulder bag but lots of people love it. You should try both before you make your final decision.


Need Sunny Days
Jul 4, 2007
OMG, the leather is incredible on that Town!
Well, I went to Barney's the other day to look for a City and ended up with an Anthra RGGH Town and flipped out because it was such a great color combo! I am about 5'6 and it looks pretty good, I'll try to take pics tomorrow. I have only Citys and a First and really didn't like the Town when I tried it in Moutarde at Neimans. I was concerned what I would do when I wanted to carry her by the handle and the long strap would just hang down more than the First does. The SA said I could just take it off for evening wear.
My son is a model and he flipped out and said he liked it the best out of all the Bal styles I have ( of course he wanted me to get the Alexander Wang bag too)
I haven't worn it out of the house yet, but I'll try it this weekend if I go out.
If you don't love it, don't keep it. When I started with Balenciaga, I returned quite a few to really find the right one. You can see a couple of my favs in my pic.
Good Luck and let us know what you decide on:smile:


Jul 2, 2010
Thanks everyone for your support! I was feeling really self conscious about taking the bag back but I feel more confident now knowing this same feeling has happened to others.

I like the color comb of the Anthracite and the RGGH but the length of the strap feels just too long for me and defeats the purpose of using the Town as a cross body on me. I wish they had made it adjustable.

I will continue looking until I get the can't put it down feeling. =) I hope it happens soon..the anticipation is intense.