Advice pleaaase..

  1. So, I've been hunting for my first Gucci. What's a good Gucci beginner bag? I've checked out their website and kinda like the Pelham. What do you girls think? Thanks in advance to everyone of course..:yes:
  2. I got the Abbey as my first (and only) Gucci bag so far! i looooooove this bag, the shape, the colour everything about it! its such a handy bag and the shape is kept really well considering, and you can fit a HEEP of stuff in too!
    let me try and find a pic..



    Please excuse the poor pictures and the STATE of the room, its my little sisters! i apologise!
  3. I recently purchase the New Britt Medium Hobo from the Cruise collection. I absolutely love it.
  4. The pelham is one of the nicest bags Gucci has. It's one of my favorites. I think it's a good choice as your first Gucci.
  5. i just got my 1st gucci and i liked abbey shoulder bag best of all styles - loving the shape, the way you can dump (almost) everything inside and the versatility of wearing it either on your shoulder or on your arm :smile: also considered the pelham - the braided straps are just the cutest - but unfortunately said strap looked too thick on my petite frame. plus, i lean more on the simple, minimalist side of things and found it too busy with the braid, the hardware and the logo fabric all combined. hope that helps!
  6. Oooh! I like the abbey, gucci_girl! And thanks for the advice girls:amuse:. I've decided to get an abbey!! Is there any possibility to find an authentic one on eBay? And what's a good price for it? Thanks again!!
  7. aww thats good news, glad you like it!
    since the style is a classic and has been out a number of years its quite easy to get a cheaper used one on eBay. however im not too good at all that stuff so im sure if you post it in the authenticate thread at the top of the page anybody who knows their gucci would be more than happy to help!

    good luck !x
  8. I would suggest just shelling out more money and buying one at the store. Plus it will be more fun to go and get it. Plus you can never be sure what you will get on eBay. Happy shopping!!!
  9. I like the Abbey and I think it would make a great first bag! I agree with gucci fan that it would be great to get your first one at the store so you get the Gucci Experience!