Advice - Peep toe Heels

  1. Are peep toe heels still in style? I was dying for this pair of shoes during Fall 2006, but contemplated on whether I should buy it due to its price. But I so regret not buying it the instant I laid eyes on it. Can anyone suggest any shoes similar to this?

  2. I love peep toe far as in style? Wear what you like!
  3. I dont think a great peep toe is ever out of style. Those shoes are really nice and I would go for them if i were you!
  4. Couldn't have said it better!!!
  5. I think peeptoes are a classic :yes: I love them!
  6. ^^^ Ita!
  7. Yeah they are classic :smile:
  8. I find peeptoes very sexy! :smile:

    They're definitely a classic, and those shoes are beautiful :smile:
  9. I saw these yesterday at JCrew in Washington, DC (Georgetown), not sure if they have your size, but it's may be worth the call.

    They are gorgeous & so classy.:smile:
  10. I love peep toes! I just bought a pair yesterday. They're a classic!
  11. They are classic! I am also in the hunt for a pair of peep toe flats for spring.
  12. [​IMG]A friend of mine just bought this and it's sooo cute (see the copy cat red inner heel?) Chinese Laundry...
  13. ^ I have those, too. They are even cuter on and quite comfortable. They also come in other colors.
  14. I'm wearing peep toes right now. Definitely still in style!