advice/opinions on the botkier bianca??

  1. hey, this is my first thread so i hope i'm doing this right! anyway, i was just wondering if any of you had some opinions about the botkier bianca satchel..:sos: i read in another thread that the leather is thin/fragile, but i'm not sure if that's true, as i've never purchased a botkier bag before. also, i'm thinking of getting it in either the concord (its a deep wine/purple color) or rust (more of a camel/tan). what do you guys think? and would i be able to carry the rust colored throughout the springtime as well? thanks a lot! :smile: :angel:
  2. Like I said in another thread I think it has alot to do with how you "use" your handbags. I am a real perfectionist about mine; where I sit them, carefully not to graze them against things, etc. The Bianca does have very soft lambskin. I do not use it for an everyday bag. It's a little dressier and a little more fragile as far as the leather goes. It's not the throw it in the bottom of the car and toss around bag. I find I can toss around a Kooba and it comes out unscathed but my "tossing" around" is minor compared to others. No children touch my bags and I wash my hands after eating etc before I touch my bag. I know it sounds extreme but food oils can stain the leather.
    I do love the Bianca but I think I will be selling mine soon. I have only used it once. I do not like the flap over clip you have to undo in order to unzip the bag. I feel like I need 3 hands. But it is gorgeous and if you want a really classy dress up bag, get one. I would definitely get the rust but I would pass on Camel.
    I just ordered a Botkier Bombay satchel in Rust and it's do to arrive tomorrow! I can't wait.
  3. thanks lexie2000! the main purpose of my purchasing the botkier bianca would be to use as an "everyday" bag.. so now i am rethinking it if it really is as fragile as it sounds. i very careful with my handbags, and, well, most of my things, actually! however, i don't want the daunting task of being paranoid about a very fragile bag that scratches, etc easily.
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