Advice on Ysl Bag

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  1. I just purchased this bag..just wondering what everyone thinks...I'm not sure if I should keep it or not. I love all types of animal things...especially safari animals.
  2. Huge no for me. If you like it, keep it but it looks cheap and not worth the price
  3. It's not my cup of tea but if it gives you joy then you should wear it happily! 😺😊
  4. YSL or not: The strap is too thin, making it look ungainly, and while I do like the pattern, just something about it - the strap and the tassels, perhaps - make it look very inexpensive and perhaps not worth what you paid.
  5. There was a thread in YSL forum about this very bag

    It's a happy little Summer bag, a bit like the Hermes Silky City. Fine as an extra or holiday bag

    It's not my 'thing' (although I've just bought a teddy key-chain dressed as a punk so I don't know if I know what's my thing anymore :P )

    I wouldn't put too much/or anything heavy into it but I can see it looks cute on you

    It's down to the print and if you like it
  6. Agree with papertiger above, the key is whether you like it. Prints are very subjective. Safari animals may be your thing but others may hate it and swoon over Hello Kitty emblazoned bags. Also this forum is filled with leather lovers and many don't like fabric bags at all.

    In the end, I think it's a matter of whether it sparks joy for you in proportion to what you paid for it, and only you can determine that. If you don't love the bag, only the animals on it, consider that there are other animal-themed designs out there. Have you seen the Hermes Tyger Tuger scarf for example?
  7. thanks so much for your advice...i actually do love this bag...and the price doesn't bother me, as i have sold a few bags from my collection...i have seen the hermes scarf-it is amazing! i wish i was a scarf person:smile:
  8. Honestly, to me, it looks like a cheaply made "at home" project and not really worth the price tag.
  9. +1. I absolutely love the way you worded this, this was my exact thought. That thin strap would deter me from wanting to put anything in it.. maybe I'm thinking too much, but the LV Noé (bucket bag) started out as a champagne bottle holder, and this bag looks like it wouldn't be able to carry even a standard water bottle without putting some visible strain on the bag.
  10. sorry, to be frank this looks cheap, like something you'd find at a flea market and i wouldn't know it was Saint Laurent or any other designer for that matter. i'm curious what the price tag is!
  11. Not my cup of tea. Don't want to be too harsh but it does look cheap. I'm sure you can find something with similar print for a fraction of this one.