Advice on work bag!

  1. Hi all,
    I need some serious advice on a new bag for work. I need to carry around lots of stuff (folders, books, often laptop), so something large is best. I'm thinking about a Gryson Josey. It looks like the perfect work bag for me: large, stylish without being trendy, no logos. But I'm having a hard time deciding. It kind of lacks...sizzle. But maybe I'll love it IRL? What do you recommend? My preference is for a black leather bag with silver-toned hardware. Classic, but edgy. Any suggestions? Do you like the Josey? Thanks!
  2. What about a Balenciaga Work bag in black? Those are big enough to carry around your files and laptop and very stylish and classic. You can get them in regular hardware or the giant silver hardware.
  3. what is yr budget? any fav brands?:confused1:
  4. I just saw some [SIZE=-1]Theresa Kathryn bags yesterday and they look gorgeous for work.
  5. Thanks, Carmen82 and pradafanatic for your replies! I'm looking for something under $1000 (willing to consider gently used). My office is conservative, so have to go with something classic though my personal taste leans to more edgy looks. I've considered the Prada Cervo Antik tote and the Tod's D, but haven't found either in black in that price range. I also find I am less interested in bags that have been overly copied or faked, so I've been looking at Gryson, Pollini, and various up-and-coming and under-the-radar designers. Thanks again for your help and suggestions!
  6. I like the Theresa Kathryns a lot, and you get $100 off if you register with their site. Considering one seriously.
  7. TK bags rock - I have an Audrey and had an Ellen but since i wasn't working at the time, i just couldn't justify keeping it so i sold it :sad: but man, they are fantastic bags!!

  8. I have a Gryson Olivia bag in Nylon and I love it. It retails for $895, but I got mine on sale. It is great because it hasn't been copied (yet) to my knowledge and is lined in suede. It is a huge bag, so it will be good for office use. Also, since it is nylon, you will be able to clean it if it gets dirty and not have to worry about the rain.
  9. If you like Louis Vuitton, check Epi Madeleine GM. It fits laptop, classy and exactly $1000.
  10. Thanks so much for your responses everyone! I'm checking out all of your suggestions (and checking out all the online sales too)! These would all be great options.