Advice on which hotels are best in Paris & Rome

  1. My hubby and I are traveling to Paris/Rome in October and would like to know what the best hotels to stay at are. We would like to be in the city close to walking distance of the sites (or near transportation). Thank you! :flowers:
  2. for Paris, I would really say that it depends on your budget, can you give me some idea? How many stars or what nightly rate?
  3. Hi Jennifer,

    We don't have a budget but would like to keep it between $200-$500 if possible. Anything above 4 stars, near restaurants/theatre would be ideal.
  4. You can check and they have there a list of hotels with reviews from people. I find the website quite helpful.
  5. I guess that means the Bristol and the George V are out. Let me have a think.:yes:
  6. there is a nicely reduced rate on
  7. I suggest you read travel books like Fodor or Lonely Planet. I have used Fodor for my Paris, London and Florence trips and it really helped.
  8. I second the recommendation of tripadvisor. it is so helpful. Ok, so normally I'm an anal trip planner and I go from fodors & frommers and see what they recommend and then I compare to the trip advisor ones. In Rome, I'd stay near the Spanish Steps, but I don't have a specific hotel recommendation... you'll find a lot of nice ones in that area and it is pretty good for walking almost everywhere.
  9. In Paris, I stay at the "Chateau Frontenac" It falls into your price category. one block from the Champs Elysees (and flagship LV store) I get a price which includes breakfast. The best location for an affordable luxury hotel - Check it out - Haven't been in Rome in a few years so I don't know rates - Check the Fromer guide, that's my favorite. I have a N.Y. connection for land deals, so if your flight is taken care of, PM me and I will pass it on to you.
  10. In Rome I recommend the St. Regis. . . you can walk all day around there and it's easy to get transportation frmo there.
  11. In Paris, I like the Le Grand Intercontinental actoss from the Opera house - close to lots of shopping and the Metro.
  12. Do a search of my posts plus the word Paris. I've posted some stuff here before about hotels in Paris and Rome. Hope it helps!
  13. i went to rome last summer and stayed at hotel nord nuova roma. Its only a 3 star but it had a great location near the train station and resturants. It was also very clean and had a classic look to it.
  14. I loved Le Bristol in Paris and Piranesi in Rome. The piranesi is a four star at piazza del popolo (in via del Babuino, one of the best shopping streets in Rome) near the Hotel de Russie (5star), Eden and Hassler (5) are also very nice but I think Piranesi is very budget and quality friendly!