Advice on whether to buy another LV (and what to buy!)

  1. I’ve just been given a very rare opportunity to buy LV bags or accessories for a significantly less amount than local retail prices (equivalent to France prices, basically). My dilemma is that I’ve already bought three bags in the past month (my first three LV bags) and I promised myself not to buy anymore until Christmas (I’m getting the Epi Alma by then). But I really can’t resist passing on this great deal!

    As a compromise, I’ve decided not to buy bags but just accessories. I’m currently looking at a pochette and a cles. What would you guys suggest? For reference, the three LV bags I bought are a Neverfull MM, an Azur Speedy 30 and a Damier Speedy 30. I’m not sure if I should get a regular pochette or a mini-pochette, and what kind to buy. HELP!!!
  2. Perhaps a mono pochette and/or a trunks and bags mini pochette? Both are versatile - you can use them as a small shoulder/evening bag or as an accessory bag inside your larger bags. The trunks and bags is a limited piece and very cute. Also cles are very handy! Good luck, let us know what you decide!
  3. I have the regular Mono Pochette and Mono Cles. I love them. I use them both everyday.

    I bought a long mono strap to go with my Pochette so I can use it for a purse also and a clutch.
  4. cool! i got my mono pochette & mono cles from paris too. i think u should consider the following:-

    - mono pochette
    - mono t&b mini pochette
    - mono cles
    - mono speedy (to form the trio!!! amazing opportunity now, no?)
    - mono ludlow
    - mc cozy purse
    - mc bandeau
    - mono round coin purse
    - mini lin round coin purse
    - framboise cles

    hmm... that's all for now! i'm quite sleepy... bedtime soon! might not make sense...
  5. I would say a pomme cles, that looks great with mono and damier and really pops with azur.
  6. I would get as much as you can if it's cheaper! :smile: As for what u listed, for sure get the full size pochette it's great! I use mine all the time..Nothing better and I use my Cles every day as well!
  7. Ha! I'm not getting this 'cause I plan to give this as a gift to my mom for Christmas :smile:

    OK I'm definitely getting a pochette and a cles, that's definite. As for getting another bag, I am holding on to my LV purse ban until December. Three bags in less than two months is too much, even for me :smile:

    That said, I'm leaning towards the pomme cles (after seeinga picture in another recent thread...the red is luscious!) and a Damier Pochette.
  8. ^awww what a sweet daughter u are! since ur sure ur getting it at the end of the year, why not make use of this opportunity? u can always give it to her later. technically, ur not breaking ur ban cos it's a gift for someone else.

    do keep us posted on what u get eventually.
  9. Trunks and Bags mini pochette.
  10. I am a big fan of the pochette, it's suprisingly roomy and versatile! :tup:
  11. I would get epi pochette. It's a great evening bag!
  12. I'd say get a mono pochette and a T&B mini pochette, and a pomme clés!
  13. I'd get a pochette and a cles (probably one of the vernis colors).
  14. I agree, a pomme vernis cles would look lovely with the bags you already have. Throw a Lexington in there and you're set!

  15. :yes::yes::yes: