Advice on what to do Please!!!

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  1. Would really appreciate advice on what to do. My mom has the Classic Caviar black in GHW in the Jumbo size. I really like the size (Jumbo) and it's perfect, I love the fact I can wear it cross body etc...but I feel like it would be more practical if I get the same flap but in the Maxi size. That way we can swap sometimes and have the best of both world. I do like the Maxi but I'm worried about it being heavy and it's more of a day bag, I also really love the jumbo. My mom doesn't use her Jumbo often and she lets me borrow the bag a lot. I did consider getting a different color but that's virtually impossible to find here in the Uk. Any advice on what to buy (Maxi or Jumbo) please? :smile:
  2. I think if your mom already owns a jumbo, you should go with another flap.. maybe M/L? Personally I would not choose the maxi because I think it's way too big, but it's just my personal taste. :smile:
  3. Have you ever try reissue bag? It lightweight than the Jumbo and especially the size 226, you can wear cross body. At the beginning I was thinking getting the Jumbo but decide to go with the reissue bag. It will arrive tomorrow and I can't wait!! Hope this help! Good Luck!
  4. I personally don't like the maxi (its way to big for me, I'm 5'2). I think if you like the jumbo you should try to get one in another color. Maybe you can put yourself on the waiting list for several colors. I think you should go with what you love and not with what you "might" like. A maxi is alot of $ so I think it's better to get something you'll love and get your moneys worth.
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    Hmmm do you think it's possible to get something your mom loves too so you can switch for the jumbo? This way, you both benefit from sharing instead of getting a maxi which she will most likely not use. I love sharing purses with my mom too ;)
  6. Get what YOU love. You love the maxi, but think it may be too heavy. What about those made with single flaps? If you do not mind buying from ebay, or any other places that sell Chanel. I would look for a single flap maxi, they are so nice and perfect. :smile:

    Don't get a M/L, if you want a bigger bag, you will not like the size at all.
    Maybe look for resellers there that sell authentic Chanel and go for the Maxi single flap in a fun color. GL!
  7. I personally do not like Maxi, it's way too big. Since you mom already have a jumbo, you may consider to get classic m/l or reissue 226 or reissue 227. I use my reissue 226 the most, it's the prefect size.
  8. I am petite and 5'4"....all of my flaps (except for evening) are maxis. Unless I'm carrying another brand, I carry a maxi. The only time it bothers me is when it is summer and I have a tank top on. Buy what you want. Is your mom's jumbo single or double flap? The new maxis with a double flap hold less than the single flaps.
  9. I would consider getting reissue 226 or
    227 or another jumbo in another color! HTH!
  10. If your mother doesn't use her Jumbo that much, she would probably be pleased to pass it to you and get another bag for her. Just a suggestion as this happened to me a few times.:smile:

    As a second bag, I would buy the classic flap M/L or the reissue.:smile:
  11. From your post, I feel like you prefer a big handbag. IMO...You can steal your mom Jumbo and get yourself reissue 227.
  12. You said it yourself best! You mentioned twice in your post how much you prefer/love the jumbo size. Go with what you love and maybe get another jumbo in a different color. :balloon:
  13. I Love my Maxi! So I recommend a Maxi if you prefer a bigger bag.
  14. In your current situation I don't think you really need to buy another bag at all. Your mum doesn't use the jumbo, you love that jumbo, Perfect! If you really must buy another bag ;) Maybe buy a beige jumbo with ghw.
  15. I love my maxi, but it's not a everyday bag. It's too heavy. If you love the jumbo size then stick with it but in a different color such as grey or navy.