Advice on what handbag to get

  1. Hey guys my birthday is coming up and i'm stuck on deciding what purse i should get. Which one should i get??
    Mono Speedy 30 or...
    Gucci 'New Brit' medium tote

    Help meee. :push:
  2. go with the Gucci tote..I have a speedy and the tote..Gucci is WAY NICER
  3. I have the speed and I love leather bags (although I prefer shoulder bags)! It depends on what material you want then. What are you going to use it for?
  4. go with the speedy :p
    classic bag that'll lasts forever
  5. Speedy - no question about it. The Gucci looks a bit staid but that's only my opinion! Go with the one your instinct tells you is the one you love - trust your gut feeling.
  6. speedy.

    never goes out of style and very durable.

    gucci canvas bags may get dirty...and i just think LV is a much more trustworthy brand as far as quality goes (sorry to gucci lovers).
  7. thanks guys, i think im going im gonna go with the speedy bc it won't get dirty like the gucci. (:
  8. Speedy is the classic, tho I like Gucci also. Happy birthday!!!:flowers:
  9. thanks (:
  10. Definitely the speedy!
  11. Speedy
  12. Get the Speedy Mono. It's a classic.
  13. speedy =).. i have one and i love it. it's classic so you can use it forever.
  14. The thing I hate about the Speedy and bags like it is that there are no compartments for your cell, and everything just gets lost inside least my things do and I'm always digging around in it!:push:
  15. Gucci designs are yes, nicer but that means it's more seasonal. LV holds its value more.