advice on wallet

  1. My brother is going to Paris and he just has to bring me back something LV, so I picked a wallet so that he won't have to pay duty tax. Now I have to pick which one. It has to go with my mono bags and my damier speedy that I just ordered. I don't like big or heavy wallets, so something relatively small that holds bills, change and a few credit cards and lasts a lifetime! Please recommend one and the color too. Thanks.
  2. how about the mono compact wallet? you can check it out on
  3. elux_Zippy_out.jpg elux_Zippy_in.jpg
  4. the Damier Koala looks nice :smile:
  5. Damier French Purse
  6. I am waiting for the updated Mono French purse. It will come out in around mid Aug per a nice SA and will have 8 cc slots.
  7. I have the Zippy and love it ! Bought in last year LV NYC when they first came out. Definately not a small wallet, however. But the perfect wallet for me, I like to keep every possible id, cc, or membership card with me at all times !
  8. zippy orgiizer all the way!... i have it and its fab..except im too afraid to take it out of the box, so i havent evev used it yet at all LOL!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Try L'Inséparable PM or the zipped compact wallet also in the suhali collection. I have one and constantly get compliments on the leather feels so nice and supple.
  10. I would do an epi french purse you could either do a color that really pops or the brown that would coordinate with either epi or mono canvas.....