Advice on wallet for a newbie

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I recently bought my first Coach bag ever ... a Black OP ART Sabrina 12947 on sale at Nordstrom's for $198.00, which I love.:biggrin:
    I have a question for you savvy Coach shoppers....
    I really want a matching Madison Op ART medium wallet, and I'm wondering if I should just pay full price at a boutique store, or if these things show up at the outlets or in stores on sale?
    Thanks for your help!
  2. They do show up at the Outlet's.It is on a hit and miss basis though!You have to be on it and hunt it so to speak.I just seen a black op art med. madison wallet at my outlet for $30. something!Good Luck and Congrat's on your Sabrina.:smile:
  3. Thanks. I live near an Outlet, so maybe I'll give it a try. And $30??? wow!
    Are the wallets at the Outlets made for the Outlet, or are they the same as the wallets n the boutiques/department stores?
  4. Some are mff and some are fp deletes(retail, sent to the outlet's and are usually discounted).MFF~Made For Factory, are just that!But the wallet I seen was a fp delete.So yeah, if you have an outlet near, keep trying if it is something you really want .
  5. I was at my local outlet Saturday and a lot of FP delete wallets that were 30% only a week ago are now redlined and in 50% off clearance with a 20% off coupoin! I don't remember seeing an op art madison but there were a lot of lovely wallets very cheap!

    A week ago I was looking at a jeweled, floral leather mini-wallet but I passed because at 30% off of the $98 MSRP it came to $68. On Saturday, I got the same wallet for $36, sweet!