Advice on vintage style engagement rings?

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  1. I'm in the market to buy an engagement ring for my girlfriend. I was initially looking at very good quality 2 carat rings for around $25-40k from Bluenile, etc. But after doing some in-person shopping with my girlfriend, it seems like she prefers the vintage/antique/unique style rings. A couple nice stores had some really unique looking pieces. One was 4.71ct Emerald, M color, SI1, which my girlfriend loves with a more vintage setting. I'm kind of hesitant on getting these types of vintage diamonds because the character is usually due to the lower color rating, but she absolutely loves them. Any advice on if this is the right path?

  2. Does she like the vintage style settings or does she want an actual vintage ring? If she likes the setting, I would buy the diamond and work with a jeweller to recreate the vintage/unique style setting that she likes.
  3. I agree to buy a stone and get the setting made. A stone of higher colour etc will look much nicer in the vintage setting. I would say go for G colour or above.
  4. Get her what she wants. If she likes the lower color, don't just buy what you want, because she's the one wearing this. If you just buy her something YOU like that's not what SHE likes, then you're not listening to her, and you're starting this off on the wrong foot. Why take her out, have her tell you what she loves, and then ignore her?

    I have seen that in person, it was at a trunk show here in January. It is a beautiful ring. Single Stone makes some really amazing pieces.

    They basically make the ring based on an antique design (it's a new ring) using an antique diamond. The diamond is one of a kind. They can source you a different diamond and make the setting, or you could have someone like Jewels by Grace or Love Affair Diamonds get you another antique diamond, OR if you want a NEW diamond cut to look old, Good Old Gold cuts August Vintage diamonds to look old but they're brand new ideal cut antique style diamonds, and then Single Stone could craft the ring around that.
  5. The value is placed by the purchaser and wearer. Buy what is loved, not what is rated the best. Unless if you're buying something huge, flawless, and/or with provenance, monetary value will not be retained, so buy what will be loved.
  6. I think you should get her what she wants and don't get hung up on the color & clarity. Older diamond cuts have a look that's very different from modern round brilliants, and for those of us who love them, that's part of the charm.

    I have a mine-cut round diamond from 1910 and the facets aren't symmetrical. The color is F but the clarity is SI1. I get a ton of compliments on it and people think it's cool that it's a one-of-a-kind antique.

    Check out Erstwhile Jewelry. They're based in NYC and they have a great website. They carry both vintage rings and a line of new rings made with antique stones.
  7. +1
    Lower colour is not lower quality, it is just different.

    You need to talk to her to find out what her preferences are in a stone and in the setting. A modern stone will look different in a vintage setting as will a vintage stone in a modern setting.
  8. You should also look into Lang Antiques in SF.