Advice on Victoria FT 35cm

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  1. Hello all...I'm contemplating the Victoria FT 35cm in black. I haven't seen it in person yet...could it be considered unisex? Also, does anyone know the current price and how readily available they are? I'll probably go to the boutique tomorrow, but I want to go armed with info. Thank you!
  2. love the victoria ft in black and i definitely think it is unisex.
    great bag- holds a ton and comfortable to wear.
    it is hard for me to use it over the shoulder with a winter coat so i use it mostly in the summer.
    don't know current prices or availability.
    good luck.
    here is a picture of mine- please ignore the wallet.

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  3. I have this in potiron and love it ,so much lighter than my birkins...! I think this bag is more for women but thats just me...
  4. I have a brighton blue Victoria and it's wonderful. I'm considering another neutral; black would be a great color. I think that they are fairly easy to get in the states at least.
  5. This is a real nice bag. How much is it? Does it come in croc?
  6. ^^ Victoria FT comes only in Clemence. I think the price is under US$4k?
  7. Victoria FT is such a useful bag, I have been carrying it eversince I got mine in Etoupe. It is quite easy to get the bag in the shop only if you are not picky about the colours. I hope you will get your bag soon.
  8. I have one in Blue Jean. It's a fantastic bag. I love it. I totally think it's unisex. It's a great bag for everyday.

    I think it's around $4200 now.
  9. Just came back from the Boston boutique...unfortunately, the Victoria FT is not tall enough for my liking, though the length (35cm or about 14inches) is perfect. So, I passed. To answer some questions: it's currently $4400 and is usually readily available in a wide variety of colors. I'm a little bummed out... But I'm sure there will be something else down the road! Thanks for all of your comments! You're all the best!
  10. Maybe the Steve will work for you?
    I feel guilty saying this but,I don't like the Victoria. I have the Victoria 35 and there is a larger Victoria but I don't know the size?

    My Birkin is a 35 for comparison.

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