advice on Vernis Alma color

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  1. Between the blue neuit or the amarante..which color do you think is more casual for an everyday bag? I usually am just wearing jeans, sandals, casual attire. Thanks :smile:
  2. Both will do the job! But amarante is just a bit more versatile imho. It's the most stunning color!
  3. you can't go wrong with either!! I have an amarante so I will say amarante
  4. My vote is for Amarante. I feel like you could easily wear this color with either brown or black.
  5. I think blue is more casual, but I prefer the amarante, even with jeans.
  6. I think the blue is beautiful and would look great with jeans!
  7. Both are absolutely beautiful, this is a hard one. I'm getting the Amarante, so I would say go with that one LOL
  8. amarante
  9. I just got the blue in the pm size and it's soo lovely, but you can't go wrong with either one.
  10. I LOVE the bleu nuit and I don't even like patent leather. I think that the bleu nuit would go best from casual to dressy and I love blue with jeans, t-shirt, and sandals.
  11. amarante! good luck!
  12. I just got one in Gris Art Deco. If you're above 30s then amarante is good, otherwise, I don't think it fit well. Just my .02

    here is mine:
  13. BlueSander- your gris is GORGEOUS!!! :drool:

    Between the two, I would choose Bleu Nuit ! I just acquired a Bleu Nuit Alma and I think the color is simply exquisite :love::heart::heart:

  14. I agree! Go for Amarante!
  15. PearlsnFlats - Thanks! It took awhile to make the decision too.

    @Luvmy3girls - you should take picture of yourself and the bags. We can help you decide. If that's not possible, count me as 1 vote for Bleu Nuit. My cousin got another bag in Amarante. She like it alot but anytime she have pictures taken, the bag doesn't look good at all.