Advice on toolbox 33


Jul 25, 2010
Little Red Dot
Hi ladies, I'm currently contemplating on an etain toolbox in size 33. Apparently this is a new size for autumn winter. Was wondering if there are anyone out there who own or have tried this bag and if so, any feedback with regards to usability/practicality of the bag. Does the base sag badly over time.
I'm 5ft8 and like it when shouldered carried as the hand carried style doesn't seem so nice given that it's quite a large bag. Should I buy or give it a miss?
Will the size 26 be too small for me?

PS: it's almost the same price as a birkin.


Nov 5, 2009
Bumping up the thread for some help. Thanks.
I looked at the 26cm when they first came out and tried it on I found it too small for me.
I have not seen the 33cm as yet but I can not wait I love the look of this bag, I have a few small items in etain swift and love this color it is a med shade of gray.