Advice on this Keyring-Charm Bracelet...

  1. Hi girls......please give me a frank opinion on this little toy. It's selling for 1,620 Malaysian Ringgit. Thought I could use it on my Birkin. I saw somewhere in the last few nights, a Birkin that had charms on it - from the guide to the turnlock. What was it?
    charm keyring.jpg
  2. I think it was Baggaholic who put the charms on her Birkin:yes: The charm sells for $400+ over here, I don't have the exact figure though. I'm looking for that in gold hardware and so far I've only seen it in paladium and ruthenium.
  3. I have one in palladium, Eric. And I love it. It also come in ruthenium.

    IMO, this is a lovely lock/charm. The name escapes me now, but you can find it in the Members' Reference Items thread. A few of us have have this.


    It's called 3H Charm.
  4. Wafaya's Birkin with the charm
  5. OOOOH...yummy. Yes another must buy item! But it's so much more expensive in Malaysia......what to do? Most addictions are expensive anyway. You girls helped me make up my dizzy mind. Thank you all so much. Will love Another question, heheh.....My birkin is dark brown with palladium hardware - so is it the charm in ruthenium or palladium? decisions decisions....
  6. I love charms!!!! Load them up man!
    Birkin Charm1.JPG Birkin Charm2.JPG
  7. Hey!!! Bagaholic's charm-thingy has FOUR charms! Sob....why does mine come with three?? A cadena?
  8. Yours does have four...the last one is the lock on the end, opposite the clasp. I would go with palladium for your bag, it looks better when the metals match. (I ended up buying both since I have bags with both!)
  9. orchids has one too! super cute!
  10. Btw, does this come in gold at all? My SA said it's only ruthenium and paladium. I would really like a dangling purse charm in gold hardware ...
  11. Eric, there is an article in the Sept. US Vogue about charms and accessories. It mentions how men on Wall Street in NYC have charms hanging from their brief cases! I think Baggs may have added her lock. Why don't you find a Kelly watch and hang that as well. That would work for a guy. If you could find Palladium with a black or white face that would be great. Oh no!! I'm enabling your addiction! Ha! Ha! Ha!
  12. Oh no! Another person with the same compulsions as moi:graucho: Doing the same thing in different colors. I do that with clothes all the time:graucho:

    I really like this little chain charm thing. Gonna go look for it and buy it:yes:
  13. Sadly no gold version so far:sad:
  14. Thanks for that info. Now I won't drive myself crazy trying to find it:rolleyes: have you tried it on a smaller bag like the 30cm?
  15. I have tried it on the kellys and birkins,It looks good on everything!