Advice on the Totally Azur!!

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I think I'm going to purchase the Totally PM or MM in Damier Azur and need some pro's and con's.

    I had my mind set on the Damier Neverful MM in Ebony, however I'm traveling overseas and want it for the plane and really think I need a bag I can zip closed.

    So...I want a bag that I don't have to baby, I want to put it on the floor of the plane etc and really use it, if you know what I mean?! It needs to be durable. Can I do this with the Totally and with Azur?? Being clean and tidy comes naturally to me, I don't have kids or pets and I've never lost or destroyed anything.

    With that in mind do you think the Totally Azur is the bag for me??

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Firstly, do you travel alot? If you are looking for a bag that you want to carry on board and to be secured, I recommend you get a bag with a zip.

    Secondly, if you want to put the bag on the floor of a plane then I think get a bag with a colour that can resist dirt...don't recommend Azur! Unless you want to put the bag in a plastic bag before putting it on the floor.

    What about putting your bag on the top compartment?

    Me too like damier bag like you....have you considered Saleya? I travel a lot and always carry bag that comes with zip, more secured....

    If you don't mind mono...then there are more options...Good luck :smile:
  3. I don't have the totally in azur, but I have the speedy in azur. I find it has held up beautifully. I had a child kick my speedy off a bleacher and a quick wipe off and there was no sign of any damage. Other then a slight bit of patina on the handles it still looks brand new and I've had it now for 2 years.
  4. Thanks for the quick replies!!

    Cheeky, I do like the Saleya, but it's a bit out of my price range at the moment. Putting it in the top compartment is another idea, usually keep it at my feet, but I guess that's just as easy. I have a few smaller bags in mono so want something different.

    dcooney4, your post has increased my confidence!!

    Thank you both, I'll keep thinking and let you know what I decide.
  5. Azur is canvas, so it's easy to clean with babywipes.
    For travel I would go with totally because of the zipper.
  6. If your going to be putting it on the floor period, you should think about the Totally in Mono, it wont show the dirt as much as the Azur!

    Good luck decideing!
  7. ^ita with awhitney...I think if you are traveling a lot I would go with the mono totally....but if you are carefully you could def pull off the azur.
  8. I travel to visit my bf a lot and NEVER dare to take my Azur Totally PM. I baby my bag a lot and would never take her on a plane. And I don't like patina on Azur at all. I always carry my mono NF MM when I travel. It's the best everrrrrr...

    My suggestion is to get the Mono Totally instead or NF in either mono or damier ebene instead. The totally is nice for it's zip top for security when travel BUT I found that sometime it's a bit annoying for everyday use when I need to get somtin in the bag quickly... btwn NF and Totally, I prefer NF myself. I have been abused her for almost a year now. lol hahaha

    If you are worry about the open top of NF when travel, I suggest u put a jacket or a scarf on top to cover your stuff inside the bag. I always do that when I travel. Hope this help! You can't rly go worng with either one of them. ;)
  9. i have the totally azur pm and i don't baby it at all. has held up great. the canvas is very durable. there is vachetta piping that goes from the front of the bag across the bottom (only 2 small pieces of piping) and those will get dirty but mine is still in pretty good condition. it's such a gorgeous bag. go for it!
  10. Since you baby your bags well, I think you can get away with Azur. I baby my bags too and I really like Azur so I bought myself a Keepall 50 in Azur. Good luck on your decision and post pics when you get it :smile:
  11. I don't own any azur, but I tried the Totally PM in azur yesterday and I am madly in love and intend to go back for it asap. Not much help, other than to say I would personally be jealous (in the best way) seeing you on the plane with it!
  12. ^^ Haha brilliant, you sold me!!!

    Thanks for all the replies, I love this forum, knew I'd get plenty of advice!! I don't travel a lot but have a few long haul flights coming up, I will spend some time in the store and post pictures of my decision. Thanks again.
  13. beautiful bag!
  14. Sorry to bump up my own thread, but I was wondering if anyone could tell me what actually fits into their Totally PM?? Can you get a purse, small diary, sunglasses case, book etc in there or is it better to get the MM. I am going into the boutique fairly soon but trying to do all the research I can beforehand.