advice on the stolen Carrie SATC Manolo's

  1. Girls

    I need a little help. I am wondering does the front of these shoes stretchs a lot? ie. does your toes fall more forward after many wears? I am wondering bc my toes just touches the top and I worry that after wearing it for a while my toes will fall pass the tip. My SA said that if I go half a size up my heel might slip out of the back though.

    advice pls

  2. I don't have them...but that would be the Manolo D'orsay...just in case someone doesn't know what you mean.
  3. The Sedaraby fits everyone differently. I wear a half size smaller than my usual pump size, and they fit me well, but my friend had a problem with her toes extending beyond the sole everytime she took a step, no matter what size she tried. These shoes do not fit everyone well.

  4. thank you so much for your advice. You are so right they are hard to fit.
  5. I went a half size down, from 7.5 to 7 on these shoes. I'm not sure going up a size would be a good idea, but I guess everyone's feet are different.
  6. I went down a full size from my normal closed-toe Manolo size. At first, they were snug, borderline tight. After 3 years and maybe a dozen+ wears, they are loose enough for me to put a pad on the inside of the heel cup.
  7. I went down a full size too. ;) Thanks for the pad advice