Advice on the Speedy sizes pls.

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  1. I need some help as I want the perfect Speedy size in mom monogramme for me.
    The choices I have are

    Speedy 25
    Speedy 30
    Speedy 35
    Speedy 40

    Which one would be the best for me.
    I will be attaching a mono strap for 175.00 as on the website.
    I'm 5ft 6 size 12.
    I do carry a bit and would use it everyday.
    So large Chanel glasses, purse lv large zippy organiser, large keys I phone 6s plus, make up case lv ikat blue, A4 papers folded in half, lv card holder. Would all this fit in a speedy 25?
    I have a baby on the way too.

    Any advice on the sizing would be really helpful as I can't get to a store at present.
    Or what can fit in the speedy's above so I have an idea.
    Pics or threads pls.
  2. 35[emoji4]but you should try one on...put your stuff inside.
  3. The 30 is often referred to as the "Goldilocks size" since it's neither too big nor too small. It would easily be able to hold what you've listed and would also fit your height/body type. If you live near a store then go in and try all the sizes on but if not then the 30 is a pretty safe bet...35 if you prefer larger/over-sized purses.
  4. I am 5'8 130 lbs and I have the Speedy B 30. When I first got it, I thought it looked a bit small. It fit a lot of stuff in there; water bottle, clemence wallet, cosmetic pouch, and still plenty of room. I am planning to get a regular speedy in 35 though. But I think the 30 would be good size for you.
  5. I had a speedy b25 and I loved how cute it was, but it was difficult to get stuff in and out of it and I don't carry as much as you mentioned above. Also I did feel like it looked a little small on me (I'm 5'6 size 8) so I eventually sold it and replaced it with a speedy b30. I LOVE the 30, but I'm sure the 35 would be just as great!!!
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    If you are attaching a strap, then 25. If not, definitely a 30. I'd be afraid a 30 would pull too much on the strap. That being said, if you want a strap I would definitely save up and get the speedy b. My least used speedy is my speedy 35 Classic in DE even though I love it. It's just not practical without a strap. Attaching a regular strap deforms it quite a bit. That's my only one not a speedy b.

    I've had all sizes. I love the 30 the best. The 30 are my mon monogram and empreinte ones, my favorites [emoji7]. The 35 is best for days where I have extras to bring. The 25s are light weight days. The opening can be a pain of you carry a large wallet. The 40 I parted ways with.... I am 5'3", but think anyone can wear any size. I never understand the "is this too big/small for my body size".
  7. I think the speedy 25 would be too small for those things. Also, you're pretty tall (at least taller than me) so you could pull off a speedy 30 or 35. The speedy 30 could not fit my full size laptop, but it can fit a mini ipad. Hope that helps!
  8. I agree with the 30. You sure you don't want a bandouliere? It looks better than attaching a strap and there's no rise of damaging the bag. I know it seems ridiculously overpriced compared to the classic Speedy, but it's totally worth it if you plan on using a strap. I got so much more use out of my Speedy B than my regular Speedy.
  9. I have to say the 30! :smile:

  10. Forgot to say I had one prev and found it too big.

  11. Sounds good and thanks [emoji106]

  12. Thank you I may get the 30 now.

  13. Thanks [emoji106]
  14. I say 35 or 40 if you really want to carry a lot. I have a 40 b and love it. I am big-boned, 5'6" size 14 for reference
  15. It sounds like 30 is the size for you.
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