Advice on the perfect tote under $400

  1. Hello, my boyfriend wanted to buy me a beautiful bag for Christmas and I ended up buying a gorgeous dark green miu miu bag that I love. But, now I am worried because I really actually NEED a work bag and I dont have one. I am a fashion designer and I need it to carry a lot of stuff in and to go to meetings. Something cool though, not business. I am thinking I would like to find a cool, quality, black large tote. Something I can throw over my shoulder but will also stand up on its own next to me so I can get my notebooks, etc, out easily. I cant afford more then $400. Any suggestions? I have been having trouble finding something special for that much. I live in London by the way, but I can get things online or most things are also available here. THANKS!
  2. Get a Tano bag!! They are gorgeous, leather, trendy, really big and roomy and not that expensive!
  3. How about an Anna Corinna Jet Setter Jr.? It retails for $495, but there are places that have it and offer a discount code.
  4. thanks. i like the anna corinna but i want something that will stand up more on its own. like less smushy. and as for the tano bags. I dont think they sell them in London, which is where I live. But some of them look really nice!
  5. Hmm...I saw that marc by marc tote the other day at Barneys Coop and it was HUGE!!
  6. I just bought a Cole-Haan Convertible Aerin Tote for $300 on eBay......
  7. That Cole Haan is nice. My spring work tote is from Cole Haan actually and I love it. Thanks.
  8. I have that aerin cole haan purse and I love it. It can fit a lot and you can never go wrong with Cole Haan as they always make great quality products and the price doesnt break the bank unlike other brands. TANO seems like it would fit what you're looking for as well. I am thinking of getting one.