Advice on strategy - sellers opinions appreciated

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  1. I am considering bidding on my first purse from ebay. Up to now, I've only gotten small items from ebay like wristlets and cosmetic bags. I did have one lady I used to deal with that I knew very well that I bought things from, but I since I knew her, I don't really consider that the same thing.

    I had the purse authenticated here - and was advised to get more pics. The seller sent me more, and I just posted them for the authenticators to have another look at. So far all looks good, the seller has 100% feedback, and a 240 rating and communicated quickly with me and sent more pics. She also disclosed one small dot on the purse (but I did have to ask if there were any marks or discolorations - the purse is white). My gut feeling (if that counts for anything), is that this seems like an honest seller.

    The auction ends in 3 days, and so far no bids, but we all know that can turn into a bidding war in the last 30 minutes. She has a BIN price that is $50 higher than the starting bid, and tbh, I don't think I'd pay that just because I know what the purse went for at the Coach outlet. But then again, I do love the purse.

    Here is my question - is it appropriate to ask the seller to end the auction early for me at say $10 above the starting bid, or to offer her via email $10 above the starting bid to sell it to me?

    I know nothing about selling on ebay, and not that much about buying, so any advice would be appreciated. I read a lot of posts on here from sellers annoyed at buyers, and I don't want to be one of those buyers, but I do want to get the best deal possible.

  2. ^^^
    If you ask the seller to end the auction you would be conducting the transaction outside of ebay. That is not good for you, you won´t have any protection against SNAD, only INR (if you don´t get the item you may be covered).

    Personally I wouldn´t bother doing that just to save $40. I´d rather pay the $50 more and be safe. You do like the bag, and unless the price is insanely marked up I´d go ahead. Good luck!
  3. YIKES!!! I had no idea asking the seller to end it early meant doing the transaction outside of ebay!! That's not at all what I had in mind!! For her or for me!

    Thanks for the info. I'm so clueless when it comes to ebay even though I read this thread religiously.
  4. You are most welcome:smile:
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    It is possible in agreement with the seller for you to bid and she/he can end the auction with you as the high bidder....or they may consider changeing the BIN price for you....therefore an ebay transaction, Regards
  6. This. I have asked quite a few sellers if they would lower the BIN price for me with good results. It never hurts to ask! And if all they are doing is lowering the price then it would still be through ebay.
  7. I've bargained with a few sellers on items that I knew would sell for less elsewhere, and they simply setup a new auction for me with a Or Best Offer feature and just accepted my offer that we had agreed upon prior. But never - EVER - complete a transaction outside of eBay!!! :death:
  8. Actually I had a seller change the auction ending date for me. It was 7 day listing and she changed it to a one day listing. I had asked her if she was sure she wanted to do this because I wanted her to be able to get the most for her item (even if I wasn't the winning bidder). Her reply was that through our ebay communication history, she knew I really admire that particular brand. *shrug*

    I've also seen sellers create a BIN feature on their regular auction if someone ask.
  9. Thanks everyone - the seller just sent me more pics that I had asked for, and I asked her if she would be willing to lower the BIN price for me, so I'll see what she comes back with. I hope so!! I think she knows from all my questions that I'm serious and that I love the purse!
  10. Great News! Keep us posted
  11. Hey there - so what do you guys think of this. . . .

    The seller offered me the bag for a reduced BIN - still more than I'd like to pay as I know what it was going for at the Coach outlet, but then again, I know she has fees, shipping, etc. and fair is fair.

    But here is the thing - I've been keeping an eye on this bag on ebay, and it is not selling - zero bid auctions, being relisted, etc. Maybe because it's white and it's winter most places and people aren't interested. The BIN's are way too much as anyone who knows Coach will know what it was going for at the outlet and say forget it.

    So, I have a feeling if I wait out the auction (ends Sunday), I can get it for her starting price. But would that be unfair since she already offered me a lower BIN? I mean a contract is a contract, if I won it at the starting price (which is about what it cost at the outlet) due to no other bidders , is it really unfair since she put that starting price on there herself?

    What do you guys think? What would you do?
  12. I just thought of another question - would it be stupid or honest of me to email the seller and tell her I am planning to wait out the auction and see if I can win it at her starting price?

    I'm just not sure now that I have communicated her regarding the BIN what the protocol is.

    Of course I want to get it at the lowest price and she wants to sell it at the highest price, and right now I have a feeling if I wait it out, I will get it at her starting price.

    Or is their any such thing as ebay protocol?

    I'm confused. I just don't know my way around ebay well enough to know all the intricacies.

    Please help.
  13. Most people wait until a few minutes near the end of an auction before bidding. Most people also use snipers, so you can't really say that people aren't interested in an item--they're probably just waiting. :smile:

    I have never been in a situation like yours before (it had never occurred to me to ask a seller to lower her price :P), let's just wait for the more experienced ladies to weigh in. ^^
  14. I have a very good friend that conducts business on ebay, and she has given me this advice which I think I will follow. I hope it works for me!

    Re your question.... as a seller I get a lot of customers that ask questions but don't necessarily follow-through. Questions and negotiations outside best offer aren't "binding". They don't mean the customer will purchase. If the seller hasn't changed the bin for you yet, I personally would go ahead and place a bid now at the start price just to hold the starting price (the reason - sellers can change the BIN or auction start price up to 12 hours before the listing ends or before someone bids - if she knows you really want it she can change the starting bid - it would not be appropriate but she can do it) once you place a bid the starting bid cannot be changed.

    Then I would send her a quick note out of courtesy, thanking her for considering the change in BIN but letting her know that you have decided to take your chances with the auction and you really appreciate her open communication.
  15. I'm not sure how helpful this will be to you, but I had a potential buyer ask me a question about an item but ended up not placing a bid. When I re-listed the item she asked me the same question about the same item and asked if I would consider doing a BIN transaction. I again answered her question and said I would do BIN for $7 more; since I usually see BIN for at least $10 more I didn't think that was unreasonable and there were still 5 days left in the auction. She thanked me for answering her question and said that she was going to take a chance and not do the BIN and hope she didn't get outbid. She ended up not bidding this second time around either, but I understand why she would want to hold out for the starting price so I'm sure the person you're dealing with would understand too.