advice on spy

  1. I'm thinking about purchasing a spy bag. Are they easy to get in and out of. I don't want to spend so much money if they aren't practical. Please help.
  2. They're incredibly easy to get in and out of. Ya just flip that big flap over and the bag's open. There are no zippers or anything, just the flap. And the flap itself is a pocket and the tube attached to the flap is a secret compartment. It's not that practical if you're looking for a year-round shoulder bag. With a coat/jacket on, it won't stay on my shoulder. So for me, it works as a summer and spring time shoulder bag. For fall and winter, it's a hand/arm bag.
  3. honestly, it's not that comfortable. when you open the bag, the flap gets in the way of looking inside the bag.
  4. good question, i had the same ? are the spys easy to get into and out?? Thx
  5. I don't have one but my gf does and she says that its her most comfortable bag. The bag is lovely and if your concerned about making the investment you should go and try one on at Saks, Bloomies or even Neimans. I say a department store because sometimes the SA's let you chill out with the bag for a bit before you buy it. When I say chill I mean empty it out, put your stuff in, walk around the store with it on your shoulder, check yourself out in different mirrors, hold it for you while you think about it. If you decide to take a pass on the bag its no big deal. Before my friend decided to make the investment she checked out the bag at least half a dozen times. :flowers:
  6. ^ That is GREAT advice! When I went to Bloomingdale's to check out the zucca, the girl lemme hold it, she took all the paper out n' lemme inspect it, directed me to the mirror n' everything! When I saw the zucca at Fendi, they weren't that relaxed. Even if it's a fake one, just try it out. Try gettin' in and out of it. Play with the flaps and secret compartments a little. Just to get an idea, ya know?
  7. OH NOOOO!:wtf: Nancy, have ya tried holding the leather strap up to keep the flap outta the way? Sometimes, I even leave the flap inside the bag so it's not in the way.
  8. It's okay. It's pretty easy to get in and out of, but the interior lining is dark, so it's kind of like a black hole. I never can find my phone or keys in it, so I had to start keeping small necessities in the coin purse part.
  9. I never have a problem getting in and out of my spys. I know when I was getting my first one I did have a problem with the fact it did not have a zip and was worried about security, but its fine
  10. Thanks for your advice. Hopefully, I can save up enough to get one and not feel guilty.

  11. yeah i tried it all. no worries though, i still love it!
  12. I have one and I like what it looks like by carrying it in my hand.