Advice on small wallets?

  1. If not Ludlow or Cozy, then what is the next small wallet ...without folding bills?

    Epi or Vernis?

    Summer wallet time! :yahoo:
  2. How about the vernis billfold? Not very small, but the next size up.

    I am cracking up at your posts because I went yday and was at the LV for an hour trying to choose a wallet...and I was there last week for an hour looking at wallets.

    I ended up with the Vernis French Purse. I was also looking at the Koala and the ludlow. Ludlow is too small.

    Let me know if you find something...I think I looked at everything and couldn't really find what I was looking for.
  3. I have the compact zip wallet....I love it!
  4. i realized there's really nothing in the 3-400 range...i've already spent a lot on LV this year (budget-wise)..

    i have like 2 that i'm interested in from Coach and Gucci...i may end up getting those instead.

    but...the billfold..the style is really weird in my opinion...the french purse is nice..but i was looking at something smaller!

    thanks !
  5. I guess a Ludlow would be okay.....I like the MC Porte Monnaie Plat ALOT!
  6. I want the french purse in mc white. So gorgeous.
  7. Yah, I think Coach has better options in the range you're looking for. Nothing at all in LV unless you want to carry 3 small things around in your wallet at once. LOL
  8. i feel bad for cheating on LV!
  9. i think Coach and Gucci have better options for wallets than LV...and at a better price too. about the accordeon wallet? not sure how much the retail is though, but that's kidna cool.

    other than that, billfold is the next one up from ludlow and cozy. and you don't have to fold your bills...well not manually, but it does fold in half due to how the wallet folds.
  10. The accordion is to die for but kinda big. I looked at it yday and in Hawaii it was 540 so prob closer to 600 everywhere else.
  11. How about the epi compact wallet?
  12. :roflmfao: somehow i found that funny..the way you phrased it!

    i do agree with coach and gucci hving more choices! lemme see what i'll end up with today :graucho:

  13. the 4-cc one?

  14. I had that problem too I exchanged wallets at LV twice so I almost gave it up
    they r eighter too small or too bulky
    so I cheated and I will get a mulberry :shame: :shame: